Best Paint Brush for Chalk Paint

Finding the best paint brush for chalk paint will entirely depend on what you are planning to paint. 

Most paint brushes for chalk paint on the market are expensive. And the ones that are not are of very low-quality and are not dependable. 

Let’s check the best paint brush for chalk paint on the market that are of good-quality and are reasonably priced. You can also check our review on the best paint brush cleaner.

Best Paint Brush For Chalk Paint Reviews

Let’s check the best paint brush for chalk paint on the market today. 

Brossum Large Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Review


The Brossum large and round brush is well-suited to use both chalk paint and wax polish. These brushes are known to be a leading cheaper alternative to expensive brushes on the market today. It does not compromise on quality. Using this 2 in 1 chalk brush from Brossum would definitely help you work on your projects with ease and look livelier.

The Brossum brush is said to hold 100% natural bristles giving your paint job a more natural and authentic look. It has been designed with an excessive Grade-A epoxy adhesive for maximum retention. It comes with a wide ferrule that holds the bristles tightly and prevents the brush from shedding too much hair.

The brush has a polished wooden handle perfectly designed to seamlessly fit your hand. You can effortlessly paint for a lengthy stretch of time. It has got good density allowing you to pick and release a good amount of paint load. Each stroke is done easily giving it a smooth and even performance.

The brush comes with a leather strap to hang dry after cleaning. It helps retain the shape and lasts longer.

The Brossum round brush was thoughtfully designed and created to fulfil 2 purposes, to paint first and wax second.

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Infiniti Elementz Professional Chalk Brush Review


This is a set of 5 premium all-purpose proficient chalk and wax paint brushes from Infiniti Elementz. These brushes are compatible with both, chalk and wax. They are smooth to use on various type of surfaces.

These brushes consist of 100% natural bristles and are more superior and advanced compared to bristles that are synthetic. They create a traditional and more refined look for your painting work projects. The set of 5 brushes come in different shapes and sizes. It gives you the leverage to use these brushes to its full advantage. Smaller brushes help you paint places that are difficult to reach or paint with a larger brush.

The round and large brush tip benefits you to paint quicker and efficiently reducing time and the extra effort while doing the project.  The brushes comes with a very sturdy wooden handle making them durable and giving it room to have a better grip to use comfortably. Amazingly, the brushes are very light in weight. It helps in giving you more control of the brush and reduces strain to your wrists.

This kit of 5 assorted all-purpose brushes is reusable if maintained properly and cared for. Each brush comes with a leather strap to hang dry after washing them clean.

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MODERN ART SUPPLIES Chalk Wax Paint Brush Review


The wax and chalk paint brush from modern art supplies is a pack of two in one. It consists of an oval and round brush with natural bristles. The large 2.5 inch oval brush can be used on all standard surfaces that need painting and wax polishing. The small round brush works perfectly to detail all the small nooks and crannies that are not easy to do with a bigger brush.

The brush bristles are held with a wide metal plated ferrule for better stability. This makes your brush not fill up on too much paint and flip it all over the place, but also helps your brush last longer. It has a strong handle of birch wood, perfectly designed for your need to apply furniture wax and chalk paint comfortably.

The premium quality brushes leave outstanding textures that cannot be achieved with nylon bristles. Fraying, splitting and excessive shedding are more likely to occur with a synthetic brush. It can be used for applying Annie sloan, French linen, Dixie belle, and various chalk paints

It is a brilliant high quality brush of a very reasonable and affordable cost. Using these brushes would prove your painting outcome to be very pleasing and satisfactory.

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Tatler & Tatum Chalk & Wax Paint Brush Review


Tatler & Tatum is all about brushing new life. This premium quality brush has a 2 in 1 ability to be used with both wax and chalk paint. It consists of 100% natural pure white boar hair specially designed to hold various kinds of wax like soft, crème, paste, clear and dark.

It is a versatile tool that helps hold off paint load and comes with a beech wood handle making it easy to grip and use comfortably. Shorter the handle makes it easier to grasp and use without straining your hand.

These brushes are packed densely and held tightly with a special formulated adhesive. This helps avoiding bristle loss without having to compromise your work project. The natural bristles are kept in place with a wide ferrule that is nickel plated, which is resistant to corroding and getting rusted. The brush comes with a leather string to hang and dry after cleaning.

One of the advantages is that the brush can be brought to be used on any surface. Tatler & Tatum’s 2.4inch brush allows you to be passionately creative in your paint work delivering satisfactory and pleasing results with an enjoyable experience.

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I hope our article can help you to find the best Paint Brush For Chalk Paint. Overall, Brossum is the Paint Brush For Chalk Paint. The Infiniti Elementz is the best budget one. Finally, MODERN ART SUPPLIES is the best multipurpose paint brush for chalk paint on the market.

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