Best Paint Brush Cleaner

Let’s us check out some cleaner for your paint brushes. They will make your old and hard brushes come to life. 

We will see a few best cleaners that will make life easy and give us more time to spend painting rather than just in cleaning our brushes.

These products can be used by kids as well and they are non-toxic water-soluble cleaning compounds. They work safely on oil paints, water colors and acrylics. These cleaners can easily be carried for outdoor paints. You can also check our review on the best art pens.

Make your painting hassle free and enjoy building your passion. So let’s see each of these products in detail.

Best Paint Brush Cleaner Reviews

Let’s check the best paint brush cleaners on the market today. 

Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner Review


This is a Winsor and Newton brand cleaner and Restorer. It is in the form of a liquid. It is mostly recommended on painted surfaces. It is a liquid that is safe to use and can be used easily to clean both synthetic and natural brushes without damaging the brush heads.

This liquid cleanser leaves no oil residue on the brush after cleaning. It is a non-toxic product and gives a low amount of vapor. It has many different features such as it can dissolve in water easily, it doesn’t catch fire and most importantly it is Biodegradable.

You will get the Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner in 4-ounce bottles. It is used to remove dried acrylic, alkyd and oil colours. We would not recommend to be used on painted and varnished surfaces. It should also not come in contact with brush handles. It should also not be used on plastic surfaces and polycarbonate.

This is the best product for both professional painters and the passionate ones. It will save the life of your paint brushes and make it last longer.

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Terlans Water Based Art Paint Brush Cleaner Review


You may ask why we need a paint brush cleanser. The answer would be that it will keep your paint brush in good condition and it will be functional throughout its lifespan.

This Terlans is one of the best paint brush cleanser on the market. As you know, when you use acrylic and oil paints and they dry, it hardens the brush and it is difficult to take it off them. In such scenarios, soapy water is not sufficient to clean it. Detergents and heavy solvents can damage the bristles besides causing health and environmental problems.

Terlans brush cleanser can remove dried paint easily from both synthetic and natural bristles without any making any harm to the brush head. This liquid cleanser can be used to clean other painting tools also for example stainless steel spatula. It has the power to restore stiff and old brusher to its original form. This is a water based, non-abrasive and non-flammable liquid. It does not contain phosphates. Below mentioned are the instructions how to use it:

  • Dip the bristles in a cup full of the liquid.
  • Swirl the brush until the paint has started to come out.
  • As you see it has become soft, move it in a circular motion.
  • Now wash the bristles under running water.
  • Store in a dry place.

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Freneci Plastic Kids Artist Portable Brush Washer Review


This paint brush cleaner basin is made of high-quality plastic, which is durable and lightweight and it is designed in such a way that it can be used for a longer time. There are ribs at the bottom which makes it easy to clean the brush.

This paint brush washer can do more than one thing at a time and it features a lid with 2 separate compartments, suitable parts for holding paints and brushes. This pot holder is appropriate for travelling and outdoor painting. It is travel friendly. You can easily hold your brushes and organize them well with the holes provided on the sides.

There are about 3 parts for holding your brushes and paints. This is a perfect tool to clean your brushes. This will give you more time to make your imagination come live in your paintings. It will save your time. This is very easy to use. It can be used by children as well. It will be less messy while used by kids as it is an all in one washer.

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General Pencil-The Masters Brush Cleaner Review


General Pencil is a factory in Jersey City, New Jersey. They only manufacture pencils for art and craft. Their main moto is quality, value and tradition. Their main motive behind this is that the person should have fun while creating.

This product is a cleanser and preserver and will keep your brushes as new and will also keep it fresh with its lemon scent. This will make your old, hard and oil painted brushes come to life. This is a non-toxic water-soluble product. It can be used safely on water colors, oil paints and acrylics.

Below mentioned is the process in which you should clean your brushes with this product:

1.    Rinse the brush with warm water

2.    Then rotate it in a circular motion in the cleaner 

3.    Let it lather

4.    Then rinse

You can repeat these steps until the brush is clean. But that won’t be necessary because it will remove out all the paint in one go. This cleaner gives out no harmful odor or fumes. You can get it in a pack of two or three which is 2.5 Ounces each.

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Now that we have seen all these cleaners in detail, it will be best for you to decide which one will suit you the best. And it would be the best gift that you could give our friends and family who are passionate about painting.

It will also lessen the work of parents and can make their kids do their own cleaning in a calm and fun way. These products don’t give out harmful fumes or odor. These products are at affordable prices. These cleaners are a time saver and well worth the investment.

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