Best Laptop For Digital Art

Designers primarily utilize drawing tablets for digital illustrations and picture retouching since they are easier and more enjoyable to work on instead of a mouse.

Because there are so many alternatives available in the market, finding the finest tablet for your graphic design needs is surely not simple. As a graphic artist, owning a drawing tablet will make life easier and more pleasant for you.

A drawing tablet’s quality and functionality are influenced by a variety of things like:

  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Size
  • Resolution
  • Stylus type
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Battery
  • Advanced features
  • Warranty

Some of the best laptops for digital art are listed below:

Best Laptop for Digital Art Reviews

Let’s check the best laptop for digital art on the market today. 

Simbans PicassoTab Review

Simbans PicassoTab

The Simbans PicassoTab 10 inch drawing tablet with stylus pen is a tablet on a budget. Most individuals who work in the graphic arts business today (whether it’s animation, comics, movies, or design) started with the most basic drawing tablet available.

You may use your PicassoTab as a portable drawing tablet without having to connect it to a computer to draw or sketch. You can also use other note-taking applications that support pens as well.

Turn your PicassoTab into a mini-Laptop by connecting it to the included keyboard. It comes pre-installed with WPS Office and MS Word to meet your education and job productivity needs. The built-in microphone and 2-megapixel front camera also function flawlessly with Skype and Zoom.

Dual-band wifi (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), Micro-HDMI, USB-C, Bluetooth, headphone jack, and inbuilt GPS are your connectivity choices. You can view your movies on the big screen by connecting your tablet to the TV through its micro-HDMI connector. 

You’ll also find a verified version of Google Play Store pre-installed, allowing you to download all of your favorite apps such as Netflix, Facebook, etc.

This is the most recent edition of PicassoTab, including 4GB of DDR4 RAM, which is 50% quicker than previous versions. With 64GB of storage, you can easily save all of your valuable drawing files, music, and photos on the tablet.

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Drawing Tablet UGEE M708 V2 Review

M708 UGEE Graphics Tablet

The UGEE M708 Tablet has a really attractive, slim, and fluid design that makes it enjoyable to use, and I feel it will look well on your desk. The UGEE M708 Tablet’s active working surface is 10 by 6 inches, making it ideal for most users and display sizes. 

The UGEE M708 Tablet includes eight programable buttons that may be customized to perform a variety of tasks in graphics applications, such as copying and pasting, choosing the paper type, and shifting between various tools such as the pen, brush, and lasso tools.

In addition to the tablet’s eight customizable hot keys, you can use tools like move, erase, undo, zoom in, zoom out, brush thickness variation, etc., to conserve time and get your illustrations to be more fluid. Simultaneously, it allows left-handed user function, making it easy to use.

The pen is battery-free and has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels; the transition from thin to thick lines is smooth and accurate. You can modify the pen’s two customizable buttons to accomplish things like ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ or switch to eraser mode. 

The graphical drawing board can connect to Android 6.0 or above phones and tablets. However, an OTG converter is needed. Mac OS 10.10 and above, Windows 7/8/10 are supported by the graphics tablet. However, Linux is not. Many other drawing applications are also compatible.

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HUION INSPIROY H950P Drawing Tablet Review


Let your imagination go wild with the Huion Inspiory H950P drawing tablet. It’s a good size for your job. Pen tablet H950P with 8.7 x 5.4 inch workspace will make your art easier in every manner. 

The tablet’s thickness of 8mm, its lightweight body, and sleek design make it easier to handle. Electromagnetic resonance technology does not require batteries, allowing you to bring your ideas and art to life at any time and in any location.

The pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels allows for the imitation of strokes supplied at varying pressure levels, resulting in a lifelike depiction of lines in varied forms. It also has a report rate of 233PPS and a high resolution of 5080 LPI, resulting in significantly higher-quality pictures.

The drawing tablet comes with eight express keys. It’s simple to build up your favorite shortcuts, which may save you a lot of time. This tablet is compatible with Mac OS 10.11 and above, Windows 7 and above, and Android 6.0 and above (not for iPhones or iPads). Currently, no SAMSUNG device has a cursor (except for the Note Series).

The H950P can provide you with not only a comfortable working size but also a natural paper-like sketching experience.

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M708 UGEE Graphics Tablet Review


The M708 is a simple to use graphic tablet. It is for students and children as well as artists and designers. It is accessible and transportable. Designers, artists, teachers, students, office workers, salesmen, presenters, and all others can use it.

The UGEE M708 has a paper-like surface and a 10 x 6 inch functional drawing area, which allows for large and smooth drawing, offering a no-lag experience. The art tablet has eight customizable hot keys to the left edge, which you can modify as per your liking. 

With a high resolution of 5080 LPI, a report rate of 266 RPS, and a pen pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, you can draw without delay or cutting. There’s no reason to be concerned about the tablet’s efficiency. 

The P01 battery-free pen comes with an 8 nib holder and is an exclusion tool. It also includes pressure levels of 8192 and a single-click pen/eraser switch for a smooth and effective writing experience. The pen holder is user-friendly for both right and left-hand users. It also comes with a one-year guarantee and round-the-clock customer assistance.

The graphic tablet is supported with Windows 7,8,10, and Mac OS 10.10 and above, but not with Chrome and Linux. It’s also compatible with a variety of drawing programs.

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Using a tablet instead of a mouse or a touchpad allows designers to sketch and retouch in a more natural way. Consider the sort of work you’ll be doing as a graphic designer to help you figure out what features to search for in a tablet. You can also check our article on the best wood for wood burning art.

While you’ll want a tablet that can generate high-resolution drawings, you won’t need all of the extra features if you’re just getting started. You can also check our article on the best art tablet.

Artists with good experience will have a clearer understanding of what matters most. Consider how you’ll use your drawing tablet and make sure the one you choose is suited to the task.

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