Best Drawing Tablet under 200

As artists all over the world switch from traditional ways, to modern drawing tablets, I’m sure even you would be, wanting to try it out. Many-a-times we know exactly what we are looking for and yet we stumble, because the budget factor comes our way.

If you too are looking for some really good drawing tablets, that too the ones that could fall under your budget, well you have come to the right place. I’m going to list out some of the best drawing tablets you could buy at a very affordable rate.

Now, you could get your wishes fulfilled, that too just under 200 bucks!  Let’s get started…

Best Drawing Tablet Under 200 Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing tablet under 200 on the market today. 

GAOMON PD1161 Drawing Tablet Review


The GAOMON PD1161 drawing monitor is an excellent product for all, the daring artist out there. It is designed in a manner so as to provide you with a huge display. The screen of the monitor is of 11.6 inches and the tablet comes in rich black color.

The drawing pen provided supports the tilt function, so you can easily tilt the screen and use it at whichever angle you prefer, enjoying all the pressure differences and effects it has to offer you with.  

The pen is also battery-free, so you not have to worry of charging it over and over again.

Depending on the pressure you apply onto the pen, the thickness of the lines will vary. You could make patterns and drawings with ease. The pen also has two buttons, in order to erase or to get the right mouse click.  

You can also customize shortcut keys on this monitor as per your convenience, such as scroll up, bottom, zoom in, zoom out, etc. This makes it easier for you to navigate through your work.

It works with Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, 3D sculpture, etc.  Overall the product is simply fascinating and quite simple to operate.

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XP-PEN Artist12 Drawing Monitor Review


The XP-PEN Artist12 Drawing Tablet offers you bright colors and beautiful images. This product is also equipped with a thin touch bar, which can be programmed in a manner so as to help you zoom in and out, scroll upwards and downwards, etc with complete ease.

The display screen is 11.6 inches wide and also features some short-cut keys that could make your work easier and faster. It also has a lovely pen holder designed with it for your benefit.

The pen is specially designed in a way, to give you the actual feeling as if you are holding a real pencil. The tip of the pen is partially transparent and also has an extraordinary hexagonal design.

Just like the pencils we have, this pen too has an eraser at the back for your better use. It’s stylish and comfortable to work with, at the same time. The grip too is firm and non slippery.

This product is perfect for sketching, painting, creating animations and many other activities. It works with Clip Studio, Sketchbook Pro and various other applications.

XP-PEN Artist 12 also comes with a one year warranty, which clearly means there is absolutely no second though needed if you’re thinking of purchasing this product.

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Huion Inspiroy WH1409 Drawing Tablet Review


The Huion Inspiroy WH1409 V2 Drawing tablet has one of the largest screens to work on.  It is the only product of this brand with such a huge display which helps you complete your task effectively.

You no longer have to worry about space issues. It is equipped with 12 shortcut keys, which does justice to both right handed as well as left handed users.

The pen of this drawing tablet gives you a completely paper-like feeling while using and it also it is easily rechargeable.

The drawing surface is featured with a 5080LPI resolution and a 266RPS of response rate. The battery of this product is made of Lithium-ion and takes only 5 to 7 hrs to charge.

It lasts for over 25 hrs without any giving you any inconvenience. You can freely use it for as long as you want. It is compatible with macOS 10.12, windows 7 and their later versions.

The tablet works like a charm when you plug in your USB cable to it. The product also comes with a one year warranty. With the tech support provided by Huion you can rest assured that if you face any issues, you would be assisted appropriately.

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Parblo Coast10 Drawing Monitor Review


The Parblo Coast10 10.1” Drawing Tablet is the ultimate set or to say a combo pack for all the artists out there. Here’s the list of items you get when you decide on buying this product. A glove, 4 ports USB3.0 Hub, a battery free pen and the monitor.

As the pen is battery free, there is absolutely no issues regarding charging it or worrying about it malfunction. It is also lightweight and feels amazing while you draw with it.

The product also has a high viewing angle. With this, you could hold the tablet at any angle suitable to you and use it conveniently.

It has a resolution of 1280*800 and also a huge variety of 16.7 million colors. Another feature of this product is that, its digital screen can be put into a desktop or a laptop and get a better perspective.

Apart from this, the gloves that come with it are really fascinating. They are basically two-finger gloves, which is specially designed for the ones that make use of graphic tablet.

This glove helps you minimize the friction you feel between your hand and the screen. It helps you work without facing any disturbances.

Also, this glove is made of lycra elastic material and comes in free size which makes it suitable for both right and left handed customers.

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As listed above, these are some of the best drawing tablets you could get at an affordable rate. They are not only budget friendly but at are also great quality and advanced level. 

We have also reviewed the best drawing tablets for kids which you can check if you want to buy a drawing tablet for your child. 

All of these products are really amazing and could easily meet up all your artistic requirements without a second thought. 

The features and the characteristics that they posses too are highly advanced and can make your work fun.

Hope this write-up helped you in making the appropriate decision for your purchase.

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