Best Drawing Tablet under 100

Here are some of the best tablets under 100 that are easy to carry around and will make your drawing easy and more creative. 

They have the best features like their shortcut keys that help in creating your own short cuts and also the drawing space provided by each tablet is really amazing.

They have different features like web conferencing, Photoshop, soft keys, non chargeable pens, etc. They also provide warranties to these products so you can rely on then if something goes wrong.

Let us see in some more details each of these products and their features.

Best Drawing Tablet Under 100 Reviews

Let’s check the best  Drawing Tablet Under 100 on the market today. 

Wacom Graphics Drawing Tablet Review


This is a small black graphics tablet that can be used in any software that includes digital art and animation with 4096 levels of pressure quality and also photo editing. You can use the Wacom digital drawing tablet to connect to your computer through a USB cable.

You can connect it to the Mac or PC to edit and convey your ideas to students and your colleagues while you are doing a web conferencing.

The Wacom Graphics Drawing Tablet body’s is slim and it is a dense sized art tablet and with a wide drawing area. Its size is 6.0x 3.7 inches. That is good for a restricted desktop area, and gives large space for you to create your own ideas.

The set is quite easy to use and it can be used both left and right headedly. The best part is you don’t need to charge the pen and you can start your creativity immediately. There are additional 4 express keys which can be customised that will put your preferred shortcuts at the tip of your fingers. The system required for this would be Windows 7,8.1 or 10.

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Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics Drawing Tablet Review


The Huion Inspiroy Graphics Drawing Tablet does not require battery and has 10 shortcut keys. This tablet is compatible with Mac, windows and Android. It has a large working area like 279.4 x 174.6 mm on the Pc and on Android it would be 174.6 x 109.1 mm. This writing tablet is quite thin (8mm). It is extremely light in weight and easy to carry anywhere you go.

You will receive a battery-free pen and the pressure of it would be 8192 level. It is sensitive with tilt functioning. There is no need to charge it and the best thing is that it is environmentally friendly. You can upgrade it to 266RPS reading rates that will make it free from errors and make it look natural.

It has a type C interface and the touch strip can easily plug in and out which makes it more stable and convenient. It can be used both left and right-handed. And the additional touch strip can easily zoom in and out.

It has 10 press keys and 16 soft keys. These keys can be customized as per your usage for quick functions that include canvas zoom and also page scrolling. It is excellent for teaching online and also working online.

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XP-PEN Deco Pro Drawing Tablet Review


This is an ultra thin drawing tablet with tilt functions. This is the first ever creative pen tablet till date of Deco pro. It has won many awards in the year 2018 and 2019 such as the Good Design Award and Red Dot Design Award respectively. It is a professional pen tablet. This tablet provides a large drawing space which is about 9 x 5 inches. This digital tablet will make your work more interesting and enjoyable.

The XP-PEN Deco Pro Drawing Tablet has a wheel that you can scroll to alter the brightness and it can be worked on in the dark. It has an amazing feature of 8 shortcut keys that can be modified according to you own liking. It’s not at all difficult and can be used easily. 

The XP-PEN Deco Pro Drawing Tablet can support a tilt up to 60 degrees. This pen technology can support 8192 level of pressure sensitivity. You can create sharp lines by using very less pressure. There is no need of charging or battery required.

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VEIKK A15 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet Review


The VEIKK A15 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet has 10 x 6 inches drawing area. It is the thinnest of all at only 9 mm. With this light weight, you can carry it around easily to your workplace also.

The VEIKK A15 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet has a Type C USB port that makes it easy to plug in and out from both the directions. That makes it more appropriate and firmer. You will get 28 spare nibs, an artist glove and also 1 pen stand. You don’t need to buy anything extra.

It has 12 express keys that can be customised as per your convenience and liking that will save your time to edit and draw. It has a passive technology of 8192 levels of battery free function with smart chip. And you don’t need to charge it. This makes your drawing uninterrupted.

This tablet can be used with a computer and its compatibility is with Mac 10.12 or above and also with Windows 10, 8 and 7. It is adaptable with some designer software’s like Photoshop, Clip studio, Corel, Illustrator, Krita and many more.  Veikk will provide you with one year warranty and a lifetime support with technical issues for all their pen tablets.

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Now that we have seen all these different types of tablets with their different features. What are we waiting for that, choose the one you like and go quickly make it yours? You could also get a drawing monitor and connect it with your tablet so that you have a bigger screen to work on. 

These are no doubt the best ones you will find over the internet for under 100 which will make you drawing more professional and easier. You can gift this to your loved one and make their drawing come to live. 

It is work friendly and can be carried to your work place. As you have seen the features, now you know what is best for you. So, go grab the best one.

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