Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop

Photoshop is used widely by photographers, graphic designers, web designers and so many other people to get the best photo-editing effects for their work. In today’s times, enhancing your photo-shopping skills is very essential, especially for the people working in those designing fields. You can also check our review on the best drawing pad for PC.

Drawing tablets have the ability to expand your skills. With the use of the pen, it provides you the actual feel of the brush while working, thereby bringing out the creativity in you. These tablets give you the complete freedom to express out your talent.

Finding the Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop for you could be a little intimidating with the number of choices available on the market.

For that very purpose, I’ll be sharing with you few of the nicest drawing tablets you could use for Photoshop, that to at a reasonable rate.

Best Drawing Tablet For Photoshop Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing tablet for photoshop on the market today. 

UGEE M708 V2 Drawing Tablet Review


The UGEE M708 Tablet has a screen size of 10 x 6 inches. It gives you a wide paper like area to work on. The screen is smooth which makes working on it is easy and fun.

The product is compatible with Windows 7 and above as well as with Mac OS 10.8.0 and above. It works like a charm especially with Photoshop software. The screen is also equipped with 8 different customizable keys.

Apart from that, it also consists of a battery-free pen and a stand for it. It has up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The more pressure you apply, the thicker the strokes are.

The tablet is also quite user-friendly and can be set up easily without any inconveniences. Irrespective of whether you’re a left-handed or right handed user, the UGEE M708 V2 Drawing Tablet is suitable for all.

The tablet weighs only about 23.2 ounces, which makes it pretty light weight and easy to carry. You also get a 12 month warranty on i, so that you do not face any issue.

To sum it all, this product has it all covered in a tiny package.

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HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet Review


Huion Inspiroy H640P is a portable tablet which supports Mac, Windows and Android. The OTG adaptor when connected to your tablet or phone, changes it to a digitalized drawing canvas which makes drawing, animation, photo-editing fun and interesting.

This product is very slim and weighs just 9.5 ounces, making it easy to carry and conduct your meetings just anywhere and anytime.

Compatibility with tools like Skype, zoom, Microsoft, etc further ensures you can continue with your work non-stop be it online meetings or teaching, without any difficulties.

The drawing area is 6 x 4 inches; a perfect work space to create accurate and smooth drawing. Digital pen provided gives the feel of holding a real pen and makes writing, taking down notes, drawing, editing, etc much easier as compared to using a mouse.

The HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity thus providing highest level of accuracy and control. Since it doesn’t need to be charged, it can be used for many hours without worry.

The buttons on the side of the pen allows you to toggle between pen and eraser easily and instantly, as per your requirements. The pen holder stacks 8 extra pen nibs. Moreover the four customizable express keys saves your time as they work as short-cuts and are beneficial to both left and right hand users.

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Wacom DTC133W0A Drawing Tablet Review


The Wacom DTC133W0A drawing tablet is a huge 13.3 inches display that is best suitable for beginners. It is designed specially in a less complicated and easy to use manner for better usage.

When you purchase and register this Wacom product, you also get free access to creative software such as Lightroom, Clip Studio, Adobe Photoshop, etc. You can get started with them and enjoy working on them.

The pen that you get with Wacom One doesn’t require any battery or charging to be done. Due to this, you use it like pen and paper without worrying about anything. It is also very comfortable to hold and worth with for long hours.

The correct amount of surface friction makes drawing on the tablet smooth and effortless. You can also make notes or share your work without facing any problem.

The mini stand attached to it helps to work easily without having the tablet slip off your hands or any other place. Apart from this, the teachers also get a free 3 month Ed-tech software trial.

All you have to do is register your tablet and then you will receive the Pear deck, Kami App, etc. As Wacom has been on the market for more than 35 years, you can rely on its quality.

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XP-PEN Artist 12 Drawing Monitor Review


The XP-PEN smallest monitor is a highly advanced tablet that provides great detail and vibrant colors to enhance the beauty of your work. The display screen also consists of a thin scroll bar.

This scroll bar can be customized to zoom in/out or scroll up/down as per your convenience. The display screen is of about 11.6 inches and is also equipped with 6 short-cut keys at the side.

These keys can be programmed to perform various tasks according to your requirements. You also get a lovely P06 passive pen that works like a charm. It is designed in a hexagonal pattern which makes it easy to hold on to.

The XP-PEN Artist 12 Drawing Monitor also has a glue grip that is non-slip as well as flexible. The pencil has an eraser at the end that makes working easy and efficient. Apart from that, there is also a customizable button. This pen is perfect for editing, drawing, sketching, 3D Sculpting, etc.

The Artists 12 drawing tablet supports Mac OS 10.10 as well as Windows 7 and higher. It is also compatible with many software programs like the Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, ClipStudio, etc.

The best part of this product is that it provides you a whole year warranty plus technical support for a lifetime. It’s like getting all that you wished for in a single product.

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All of the above mentioned Drawing Tablets are of great quality. They are quite affordable as well. These will last for the long run. They are user-friendly and easy to install as well.

They make work fun and quick. Each one of them has their own specific features and you should choose the one that matches your needs the best. Good luck with your decision!

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