Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

teaching your kids to draw is always fun. It brings out the creativity in them and lets them enjoy while learning a new skill. 

These days with graphic designing being so much in demand, your child could even make use of her drawing tablet to hone her skills for a future career. 

Best Drawing Tablet For Kids Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing tablet for kids on the market today. 



Cimetech Tablet is one of the unique gadgets to draw, write, make notes, scribble, etc. It almost eliminates the need of paper, pencil, pen, eraser or marker.

It comes in size of 8.5 inches. Hence it is easy to carry in bag.

This is useful not only for kids but also for adults. Adults can use it for making notes in office or scribble an important message for someone. It is also proven an important tool for message exchange between deaf-mute people.

The message or drawing can stay for as long as you want. It can be erased with single touch. One tablet can be used for writing more than one lac (100,000 +) times.

From safety perspective the batteries are locked with a screw. This prevents accidental swallowing of small parts by toddlers.

If you are in fashion or design industry, you can use this Cimetech tablet to come up with a design without wasting too many papers. Yes, it is totally going to reduce the killing of trees for papers.

Also there is nothing to worry about damaging your eyes. Cimetech tablet has LCD screen without any glare or radiation. Hence there is no damage done to yours or kids’ vision.

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Moliston tablet is 10 inch multipurpose screen. You can use it to write, scribble, doodle, make notes, etc.

It is totally environment friendly as it helps save papers. It can be used for writing more than 120,000 times. You will have all neat and tidy work place as there will be no more need of pencil, eraser, paper or highlighter. Everything is included in this tablet.

Moliston tablet can be gifted to (or used by) both adults as well as toddlers. Kids or toddlers can explore their creativity with multi color screen of this tablet. Adults can make notes or scribble an important message at home or office.

The attached stylus can be used for writing, drawing or doodling. Also any hard material you can use to draw to achieve required thickness, for example stick, nail, coin, spoon etc.

The best thing is drawing or message stays until you erase it. Also lock key feature also saves the content while tablet is locked.  Eraser is just one click function. With one click of eraser everything gets cleared off

Moliston tablet is very light weight and easy to carry. It comes with shock absorbing case. The screen is scratch proof and crack proof; hence even toddlers can carry it and use it.

The screen is vision friendly. There is no glare or radiation to damage yours or kids eyes.  

Let your kids’ creativity flow!!

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Flueston tablet is 10 inch LCD screen. It can be used to doodle, scribble, draw, make notes, etc.

Adults as well as kids can use this tablet. Adults can use it to make notes in office or create new fabric design or scribble a to-do list.

With this tablet you can let kids’ creativity flow. All the accessories like stylus or LCD screen is non toxic in nature. The edges of the tablet are round so as not to hurt the kids’ fingers.

The lock feature prevents content from getting erased. Erasing is also hassle free function. One click erases the whole picture on screen.

The screen is not harmful to eyes. There is no glare or radiation to damage eyes. So you do not have to set any “screen time” for kids while using Flueston tablet. They can use it as much as they want.

It is one of the best gifts for kids as well as adults. Also it is easy to carry being light in weight.

Flueston tablet saves use of pencil, crayons, markers and most importantly –papers. Hence in turn it prevents tree cutting and saves environment. It runs on CR2032 button cell which is easily replaceable.

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Aileho Tablet is an advanced 7 inch touch screen tablet that comes with Android 9.0 system. Other than Wi-Fi and built in dual camera (Front 2MP / Rear 2MP) it has 1.25 Ghz 4 core CPU. It has storage of 16 GB ROM and 128 GB expandable memory (micro SD card not included). All these featured leads to smooth functioning of this tablet for kids.

This tablet has iWawa app included in it. This app has all kids’ friendly content such as music, puzzles, stories, books, etc. Netflix and Disney Plus cartoon videos can also be watched on this tablet. It is very easy to use and can even be used as a drawing tablet for your PC

Parents can limit the screen time using child mode feature. Also parents can create video channels which are kids friendly so they cannot get access to unwanted or matured content on internet. Child mode can only be exited using a password or under parents’ supervision.

Aileho tablet has shock proof and scratch proof surface. The silicone cover prevents damage by water drops or liquid.

Children can use it to draw, paint, doodle, solve arithmetic sums, play games, watch video, etc.  

Aileho tablet has 2500 mAh rechargeable battery which is in-built. The battery lasts for up to 3-5 hours of usage once it is fully charged.

It is best gift for kids on Christmas, Birthday, Easter, etc.

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As you can see, there are many excellent drawing tablets on the market for kids. 

The drawing tablets are reasonably priced so even if your child breaks them, you wont get upset. 

They have many features which come in advanced drawing tablets and you can also use them as an entertainment module for your kids.

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