Best Drawing Tablet for Artists

As an artist, the best way to express yourself is manually rather than digitally. However, inspiration may strike you anywhere. That is why it makes sense to having a drawing tablet always handy. You can also check our review on the best drawing tablet for photoshop

We have reviewed the best drawing tablets for artists on the market today. These tablets are compatible with most drawing software and can also be connected to your PC, laptops or your mac.

Best Drawing Tablet For Artists Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing tablet for artists on the market today. 

GAOMON PD1161 Review


The Gaomon PD1161 is a 11.6 inch drawing tablet. It is not a self-supported product and needs to be connected to a computer. It is only compatible with operating systems that run Mac OS or Windows and not with the Chromebook. It has a remarkable screen resolution of 1920×1080 HD IPS. is the official Gaomon website you need to download the updated driver from. No other brand driver should exist on the computer before installing Gaomon driver.

The tablet offers free software for drawing such as Gimp, Krita, Firealpaca, Medibang etc. Paid apps available are Clip studio paint, Adobe illustrator, Adobe AfterEffect and many more.

You can edit videos and photos, draw, sketch and illustrate with ease. It allows you to sign documents digitally and swiftly take notes.

The 5 connectors need to be plugged in firmly leaving no gap. If you happen to use a PC, the HDMI plug should be not be connected to the motherboard but to the graphic card. If computer does not have an HDMI port, you need to get yourself a HDMI connecting adapter.

The drawing tablet comes with 8192 leveled pressure sensitive battery-free stylus. This makes the lines drawn very smooth and more natural. The strokes either thicken or thin down depending on the pressure you apply onto the pen. The pen provides a ±60 degree Tilt function, which helps cater every angle and detail modification while drawing. It comes with 8 replacement nibs and a pen holder.

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Simbans PicassoTab Review


The Simbans PicassoTab is a multi-functional portable drawing tablet made for students and aspiring artists. It is the first Android tablet made affordable in today’s market. It comes equipped with a stylus and can detect palm rejection.

The Simbans PicassoTab has 10.1 inch HD IPS display screen with a resolution of 1280x800p. It is packed with 4 bonus items, a protective leather casing, protective pre-installed screen guard, universal charging adapter and a drawing glove.

The tablet has a camera of 10.5MP on the back and a 2MP in the front. It has 32GB of intel storage and the ability to expand another 128GB with a micro SD card slot. This way you will always have a lot of space to store your art.

The tablet can also be connected to Wifi giving you the freedom to download the necessary software and surf the net simultaneously. It gives you the advantage to draw, watch movies/TV shows and even play games.

The Simbans PicassoTab  is equipped with the latest ports like micro HDMI allowing you to project your work onto your TV. It comes with the USB – Type C port to charge. This is not just another drawing tablet; this is a device to inspire creators to keep doing what they do best without letting technology get in the way.

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Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M Drawing Tablet Review


The Huion Inspiory Ink H320M is a revolutionary dual-purpose drawing tablet. It features a very unique design that enables you to unlock your creative ideas digitally on the tablet. The Huion Inspiory Ink H320M combines one side as the drawing tablet and the other side a writing pad. The stylus can conveniently be used on either side.

The LCD writing tablet has low consumption power and a replaceable CR2025 battery cell. It can be reused more than 50k times.

It sports a PW100 battery free 8192 level sensitive pressure stylus that avoids uninterrupted use. The Inspiory Ink H320M holds a ±60°tilt technology that angles perfectly for strokes and smoother lines with precision.

This tablet unlike any other supports 11 programmed press keys optimizing efficient work flow. It supports use both of right and left hand. It is extremely thin and light weight. The 10.2×6.2 inch LCD screen is a sufficient work area space.

The 0.6 Android OS drawing tablet is also compatible with windows and MAC OS. You can connect your android phone easily with the OTG connecting adapter. Only Samsung note series can show the cursor. It comes with a USB type C port. The LCD write pad at the back can function without having to connect.

The Huion H320M comes with a sleeve bag used for care and protection. This table is the best way for you to envision your creativity on a digital canvas.

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Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet Review


The Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 is drawing tablet attached with an adjustable stand, 1 touch bar and 4 customable press keys. It comes with a stylish battery free stylus and functions a  ±60 degree tilt recognition and pen pressure of 8192 sensitive levels. It has a flexible tip and reduces grip strain.

The 11.6 inch IPS screen display comes close to an A4 sheet size making it easily portable. The tablet’s best feature is the 16.7million rich color variations. It has optimal resolution 1920x1080p HD with 178 degree wide view angle and 128% sRGB color gamut.

The Tablet sports an anti-glare display that reduces reflection and protects your vision. It also has a full lamination technology minimizing the focus distance between the cursor and nib.

It is not a standby product and needs to connect to a computer to work. Windows 7, MAC OS, Chrome OS 88 and above are compatible with this device. The tablet supports various apps like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Clip studio, Krita, Manga studio and many more.

The Huion tab has a progressed Type C USB port, a cooling vent, anti-slip design and an aluminium casing.

The tablet brings users the realistic sense of drawing on a paper with a frosted AG glass surface. It helps you work more efficiently and be more productive.

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I hope our article can help you to find the best drawing tablet for artists. Overall, GAOMON PD1161 is the best drawing tablet for artists. 

The Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M is the best budget tablet. Finally, Simbans PicassoTab is the best multipurpose drawing tablet on the market.

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