Best Drawing Software

With so many apps and software for magna and drawing illustrations digitally, it is difficult to choose one. 

You can get excellent designs that look professional with a drawing software on a great art laptop

You can check the best four on the market below.

Best Drawing Softwares Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing software on the market today. 



Are you interested in exploring the world of comics, animation, drawing and illustration? Then Clip Studio Paint Ex is the product you are looking for.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, the Clip Studio Paint Ex has all the features for you to practice and enhance the skills required for drawing, illustration, animation.

It has various tools that will help to create the comic story consisting of multiple pages.  The customizable brushes, sketch pens, ink pens, vector colors etc will help you create realistic looking comic and manga.

No need to worry about your existing graphic work or tools. The comic work created by Clip Studio Paint Ex can be easily combined with your existing work. This will improve your overall creativity and comic story / animation work.

There are built in word balloons to add dialogues to your comics. You can bring your comic story to life by adding animation effect. Different backgrounds and professional level tools are available that you can use to create the artwork.

No need to go anywhere to look for answers to questions that you will get while learning about animation, how to use certain tools, etc. Clip Studio Paint Ex has an online community where you can post your queries or doubts and you will get answers or doubt clarified.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro is all-in-one software for learning how to create comic stories, sketches, drawings, manga creation, etc.

The software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac Operating System. You can also order digital version if your laptop does not have disk drive.

This is really amazing software for beginners as well as the professionals. There are various installed tools and downloadable features for various art works that you want to create.

You can either use your mouse for drawing or you can also use pen tablet for illustrations, comic and manga creation.

With the disk version you get $5 credit. This can be spent to purchase any tool or asset available in the in-built store. This store has many free as well as paid tools that you can easily bring on your worksheet.

Clip Studio Paint Pro has in-built male and female 3D basic models. This you can drag on to your canvas and adjust as per your art or story. They fit well proportionately.

There are in-built word balloons that can be used to express dialogues among your story’s’ characters.

Once you buy and install the program there are many features that you can keep downloading and practicing. Few are to be paid for but majority of those are for free.

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Corel Painter Essentials 8 Review


Corel Painter Essentials is amazing software for sketching and painting. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS.

This software comes with various features and tools. Watercolors, digital brushes that include patterns and particles, more than 170 brushes, pencils, acrylic colors, etc are some of the tools. All these help beginners to learn the art of painting in a very fun and easy way. 

The interface is very simple to use and easy to explore. There are also tutorials which teach how every tool or feature works. You can either create your own artwork using various layouts, colors and brushes; or you can easily convert any of photos in a beautiful artwork.

The color sets include plethora of colors to choose from for your work. If needed you can blend any colors using mixer palette and create totally new shade for your design or painting.

You can complete control of every brush as they are all pressure sensitive when used on drawing tablet.

The artwork created or modified using Corel Painter Essentials 8 can be saved in many formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIF, BNP, RIFF.

It can be used for beginners as well as professionals.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy this awesome software and explore the colorful side of your creativity.

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Corel Paintshop Pro 2021 Review


Corel Paintshop Pro 2021 is a wonderful photo editing software. With multiple features and powered by Artificial Intelligence tool, this software can boost the quality of your artwork.

 It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

You can use this software to enhance, edit photos or add paint and text to the photos. Creating HDR photos is very easy using this software.

There are multiple patterns, brushes, layers, painting tools, intuitive texts and filters that come with this software. This software will prove as fun and exciting way to learn digital painting and photo editing.

Corel Paintshop Pro 2021 can be used by someone who is beginner in photo editing world as well as by professionals who want to give dramatic new touch to their creative work.

The software has in-built product learning tutorials. The files can be saved in various formats including PSD.

Artificial Intelligence helps to de-clutter unwanted things from photos, add new effects and transform a simple photo into magnificent artwork.

You can use this software to restore the old photos, add colors to black and white pictures. Also special effects can be added to normal photos. Using text balloons you can create an exciting story of your own characters.

The more you use this software, more comfortable you will get and you will keep exploring new features to use for editing and painting.

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Clip Studio and Corel Painter are the best drawing software companies on the market today. You can choose from either one and you won’t go wrong. 


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