Best Drawing Pencils For Beginners

If drawing is something you are inherently drawn to, you would definitely realize the need for best drawing pencil sets to give life to your drawings. Choosing the perfect pencil set that matches your preferences and needs could be a daunting task at times.

To make your task easier, I would like to suggest the best 4 brands that would enable you to experiment and further enhance your love for drawing.

These would help you to further improve on your sketching abilities and fire your passion. So, let’s get started.

Best Drawing Pencil Set For Beginners Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing pencil set for beginners on the market today. 

Royal & Langnickel Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set Review


This carry set is especially suited for artists as it includes just about everything they might need when hit by quick wave of inspiration. The case comprises of twelve high quality graphite pencils, a sharpener, one white eraser and a drawing pad.

The sketch pad measuring 5 by 7 inches is small in size but comes handy and is large enough to fulfill your quick drawing needs. This product by Royal & Langnickel comes to you in an attractive case that ensures safety of your tools.

The keep-n-carry pouch helps you easily carry your drawing tools from one place to another.

You need not fear of them getting damaged or misplaced as they are all stocked at a single place. All the tools in one attractive zipped pouch simplify handling and storage. Furthermore, these tools have elastic bands of good quality, fastened unto it.

This product weighs just 10.6 ounces and is known for its durability. Overall, this starter kit looks good and is extremely easy to clean. It is quite reasonable and can be bought by everyone.

It is an excellent product to gift yourself or your loved ones as it is very convenient and easy to use.

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Bellofy Drawing Kit Review


This drawing kit is brought to you by Bellofy, a company known for its ability to offer high end innovative products at a very affordable price.

It is an amazing set of 33 sketching pencils, graphite, erasers, sketchbook which inspires art lovers to express their creativity. The charcoal sticks included in it are of three variations that are soft, medium and hard.

The pencils provided with it are designed to give you a comfortable grip so that you can continue with your creative work without getting tired. The quality of these products is simply amazing.

The whole package comes to you nicely packed in a nylon zipper bag, making traveling with it handy and comfortable. The bag is apt for the contents as they fit in just perfectly.

This kit is equally suitable for use by kids and adults at the same time, but most appropriately suited for art lovers. It is the best kit for all who have love for drawing or those who want to start learning this art as it is an inexpensive way to motivate oneself and indulge in a new hobby.

All the supplies needed to pursue your love for art are included and as such you do not need to purchase or spend on any item separately.

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Arteza Colored Pencils Review


Arteza offers you a unique wide range of vibrant color pencils which are different from the traditional colored pencils found in the market. These wax based pencils are sturdy, look classy and give you a rich feel when using them. They are labeled and numbered for their easy identification.

The set consists of 72 different colors that have the ability to enhance the beauty of your work. Majority of the color pencils available in the market do not mix well when it comes to blending, but these color pencils blend like a charm and give your drawing a classy finish.

Arteza colored pencils are source of joy to the users. They work their way smoothly on the paper and enable drawing finer lines without much effort.

They do not break easily and can be sharpened without much difficulty. The quality of the pencils is great and they stay sharper for a long period of time.

The double hinged tin is nice and stores the pencils well. This is a beautiful set which can be used both by anybody. The storage part of any set of pencil colors is always a huge issue as they have to be kept properly. This problem too gets dealt with when it comes to Arteza Color pencils.

You get a lovely metal case to store all the pencils which makes it easy to handle them as well.  Though the product comes to you at a very reasonable rate, the quality of the product is not compromised and the product is of high-quality.

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Castle Art Supplies Sketch Pencil Set Review


For the super cool sketch artist in you, finding the perfect set of pencils, erasers and sharpeners for your art is a challenging task. The Castle Art Supplies has got you just the perfect product to solve that problem.

This pencil set comes with a huge variety of pencils that an artist would adore, such as the graphite ones, stick charcoal ones and also a few of erasers and sharpeners.

There are about 12 graphite pencils and 4 strong stick charcoal pencils from which you can use or share any you want as per your convenience. This set is the ultimate package for the artist in you.

If you have been in the search of your very own sketching style then this product can surely be of great help to you. All the sketching tools provided in this set are of superior quality. They can provide you with an amazing feel while using it.

This product is loved by many artists all around the world and can win your heart as well with complete ease. Whether you are a beginner in this field or an experienced artist, this set is suitable for both.

There is absolutely nothing about this product that you would dislike. It is a perfect “Art Worthy” tool.

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So these were few of the drawing pencil sets available to you. All of them have amazing features and are made of high-quality material. Art is passion for many people out there and what could compliment this passion more rather than a perfect set of drawing pencils?

If you were in two minds on whether to buy or not to buy, I hope this write-up made things simpler for you. Do give any of these a try and you wouldn’t be disappointed!

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  1. The Faber Castell Grip Plus 1.4 which I have gotten in Paris is the best I have found. Love the 1.4 lead, never breaks. Great shape and loads of eraser. Don’t know if they are available in the USA.


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