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A drawing pencil symbolizes ”ready to write”. A pencil is a symbol of potential, a symbol which gives you courage to open up yourself. It’s a symbol of hope as well. 

As we can see that there are countless examples in history which tells us that writing changed the lives of people, it changed their destinies and fate. 

Pencils or Colored pencils are a wonderfully dynamic medium that are highly beloved by artists and hobbyists alike. They’re so easy to use plus they’re a lot cleaner. 

Best Drawing Pencil Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing pencils on the market today. 

Koh-i-noor 5340 Lead Holder with Built Sharpener Review


The KOH-I-NOOR Hardtmuth is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stationery and art supplies. The Koh-I-Noor pencil is suitable for artistic leads, chalks, sepia, red chalks, charcoals, and other artistic drawing media. 

A sharpener is included and sits on top of the pressing knob that can be screwed out and used for sharpening the lead. It’s a great addition to your sketch box filled with your favorite sketching accessories.

A sharpener is underneath the push button. It gets the job done nicely. These lead holders are precision-made with metal barrels and mechanical components. The sharpener cap screws onto the mechanism which screws onto the metal body.

The Koh-i-noor 5340 Lead Holder is great, has really nice weight and an amazing finish. The matte texture on the grip is very pleasant. It feels good in hand to sketch with. It comes with a large variety of high-quality leads. This thing actually works pretty well considering how small and simple it is.

The Koh-i-noor 5340 Lead Holders are well made, easy to load/reload. Extending the lead can be used for shading and it’s perfect for highlighting. It is extremely sturdy, well balanced, and feels like it will last forever. This product is really brilliant and gives excellent service.

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BIC Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil Review


BIC velocity created something for everyone to use that is simple, yet reliable, and provides a solution for something that we all do. It gives a smooth writing experience. The soft grip of the BIC Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil is ideal for prolonged writing sessions. It comes with a strong lead that provides the darkest and smoothest writing.

The BIC Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil erases without smudges. The eraser is 75% wider and durable. It has a plastic cap to protect the eraser from getting gunky. The overall design and metal tip are more ‘professional’ looking.

The included refill tube has 12 lead sticks and 5 erasers which was a bonus. The lead is very easy to replace. Each pencil holds 12 lead sticks. The pencils are available in both 0.7mm and 0.9mm lead sizes. It is available in assorted colors. It has a retractable tip. It is a very nice feature. The refillable design allows extended use.

The BIC Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil is easy to use and comfortable to hold. There is no sharpening required: simply click the pencil to extend the lead. It is ideal for taking notes, tests, a wide range of writing tasks.

The BIC Velocity Max Mechanical Pencil is available in a sleek design and fashionable barrel colors for fashion-conscious consumers.

The pencils are durable & reliable. They are simply the best. The colors are also very cute. Overall these pencils come with super quality.

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Faber-Castell PITT Graphite Master Set Review


The Faber-Castell provides artists a wide variety of crayons and pencils. They are available in different grades of hardness for shading, sketching, and graphic design work. There are 16 different categories of hardness.

The Faber-Castell PITT Graphite Master Set varies from a subtle blue to graphite black. It gives all the creative artists endless possibilities. Its graduated degrees of hardness have made it a firm favorite with artists and illustrators. 

The sets lead is fully bonded with the wood surrounded and is thus particularly break-resistant. It is easy to sharpen and erase. It also uses environmentally-friendly water-based paint. These are the most common pencils used in art and writing.

The Faber-Castell PITT Graphite Master Set is useful for sophisticated drawings which need finer detailing. It is smooth and consistent. The lead in these pencils is up there with the best of the brands. The hexagonal shape makes the Faber-Castell PITT Graphite Master Set easy to grip.

There is no end to the attractive innovations of this set. The Faber-Castell PITT Graphite Master Set is only one pencil of its kind anywhere in the world. It is great value for what you pay. The packaging is small, light, and portable.

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Staedtler Lumograph Graphite Drawing and Sketching Pencils Review


Pencils are one of the most popular types of writing instruments. Staedtler lumograph pencils are premium-quality black lead pencils for writing, drawing, and sketching on paper and matt drawing film.  These high-quality graphite pencils glide smoothly over the paper.

The Staedtler Lumograph Graphite Drawing and Sketching Pencils are available in a wider range of finely graded degrees of hardness. These pencils are recommended for matt, jet black results. 

It is, therefore, suitable for artists, particularly for drawing and shading, as well as for expressive sketches and portraits. It is an environmentally friendly manufactured product.

It comes in a set of 6 degrees in an attractive storage tin.  The distinguishing feature of it is a blue barrel, which is recognized by lots of people all around the world. It leaves accurate and decent strokes and lines, performing well for the best experience of writing and drawing. 

The Staedtler Lumograph Graphite Drawing and Sketching Pencils add a realistic touch to all your drawings. The Staedtler pencils are a great addition to your stationery collection. The pencils are very well packaged in a hard box and come sharpened. It’s a compact and very versatile set.

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Colored pencils are capable of rendering art styles that are expressive and abstract, or detailed.

You can get erasable drawing pencils, if your style requires a lot of erasing when you draw on drawing paper. They are also useful for drawing construction lines and base sketches. Hope this article helped you to decide which is the best drawing pencil for you. 

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  1. The Kuru Toga Advance has been released. This provides an updated mechanism whereby the rotation of the lead is a little faster. It also features a sliding lead pipe. I liked the Kuru Toga Pipe Slide model a lot and avoided the Roulette due to the fixed tip. The Advance sounds like a promising improvement!


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