Best Drawing Pencil Set

We will now go through some of the best set of drawing and sketching pencils. These set come with a warranty so you don’t have to think twice before buying them. If anything happens you will be refunded. 

These are some of the sets that can be used by a kid to an adult to a professional. They are all eco-friendly and nontoxic and do no harm to the body. They are affordable and portable. 

You can take them anywhere and everywhere you wish to, to make your art natural. Let’s learn about them in more detail and closely.

Best Drawing Pencil Set Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing pencil sets on the market today. 

Castle Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set Review


This is a complete kit for an artistic journey. You will find all that is needed in this for your artistic journey. And the results will be so inspiring that you will be excited to share with all. 

This kit includes: best class graphite pencils that are 5H hard to 8B soft, then you will find a wood encased pastel pencil, a dual tipped rubber blender and blending stumps.

You can do much more with this set such as sketch, sharpen, blend, erase and create. You can freely create, explore, learn, improve and increase the quality and value of your drawing skills.

The Castle Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set can be used both by a beginner and also a professional artist. If you are thinking of returning to your old lost passion of drawing this set is the best to start off again. This is all designed by artists keep in mind other artists.

This set brings together all the tools that are a need of an artist. Creating amazing art can be easy and fun. This set will provide you money a back policy plus guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with the product you will be refunded.

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Amazon Basics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit Review


This is an amazing kit that is a set of 17 pieces. They are in three colors i.e. Black, White and Charcoal. It is an Amazon basic brand. The material that it is made up of is pure wood. This is a set where you will find all what is needed for the best outcome of your art.

This is a set that can be used by all skill levels of artists. In this set you will find various types of pencils, charcoal sticks and sketch. You will also get an eraser and a sharpener along with this set. You can create a master piece or dynamic work or just simply sketching your ideas.

This is the best set that can help you to experiment with or bring together different techniques. It is of a high-grade class at an amazing and affordable price.

This set not only will get the best out of your skills but will also help you maintain and use them well as it comes with a sharpener and an eraser. Maintaining this is not a hard job.

Become a pro with this set and let your art flow. You can easily practice with less weight graphite for thin lines. You can make good quality pigment with the charcoal pencils. You can use the different shades of charcoal sticks.

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Gouso Art Drawing Set Review


This is a whole set of art which includes a sketch pad also. The Gouso Art Drawing Set is a professional touch set used for drawing. This set includes charcoal and sketching pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal sticks and eraser and a sketch pencil set that is professional for drawing.

The Gouso Art Drawing Set is made out of a Gouso raw material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is made up of a material called crude wood and it has undergone test by the TUV and the results show that these pencils are harmless to the human body.

As it is proved harmless, it can be used by kids also doing no harm to them even if they mistakenly put it in their mouth. This is also acid free. It comes with a sketchbook ideal for drawing. The surface offers a firm natural grip and brings richness to your drawing. These pencils are good for drawing of course and also for shading, blending and sketching.

You will get the Gouso Art Drawing Set in a zipped bag that is made of Nylon and is of durable quality. This zippered bag is of 8’’x9’’ in size. This is a suitable bag that you can take along anywhere and everywhere. It is a complete package for a professional artist.

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H & B Sketching Pencils Set Review


It is one of the best sketching pencils set. It includes 40 pieces of drawing pencils and a sketching kit, it also includes Graphite and pastel pencils, sharpener and eraser and many more accessories. This is a quite professional set. You will get in in grey colour. The ink colour would be Graphite. This is an H & B brand, a well-known brand in the field of art. The material used this time is metal.

The H & B Sketching Pencils Set has a durable pencil lead which will last long. It is very firm and easy to cut, write and erase. Painting lines is very smooth and easy, you won’t need to cut the pencil again and again. This is an eco-friendly material and non-toxic.

The material used to make these pencils is crude wood and the pencil lead will not be harmful for the human body. It is very lightweight and portable which will fit in the school bag easily.

You can take it anywhere you want and draw nature. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones who love to sketch and draw. It is an exquisite package and a set of complete accessories for a beginner, a student, an adult and a professional.

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Now that we have learnt about these products in more detail let us make a choice and grab it as soon as possible. This is the best gift you can give your loved ones who are passionate about drawing and sketching.

The drawing pencil sets reviewed above are portable and lightweight and can fit into a kid bag. They can be refunded if you feel they are not worth the prices. 

The material used is non-toxic and non-harmful to a human’s body, so can be used by kids also. You can buy these for your kids before they graduate to using drawing software and make them future artists.

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