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No matter how good an artist you are, if you don’t have great drawing paper, you won’t be able to get the best of your creativity on paper.

All these sheets and pads that you will be looking at below are highly recommended as they are of the best quality you can get. They are manufactured in the United States of America. 

They are in great demand in many countries but are only shipped to few. All of these sheets have different quality and vary from each other. 

These sheets have different features like the sheets are smooth, snow white, light weight, etc. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail so we get to know each one better and then can make our choices.

Best Drawing Paper Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing paper on the market today. 

Canson XL Series Mix Paper Pad Review


The Canson Mix paper pads are useful in many ways such as for sketching your imagination, your creativity, also for drawing and light washes of water colours. It is also used for making collages, even for journaling and much more things. It is the best drawing paper for art lovers. There are some good and helpful features like you can even erase your mistakes and it blends easily.

The Canson XL Series Mix Papers are also Micro perforated and they are true size sheets. You will get 60 number of sheets that is of 98 pound which is 160 grams each. They have one excellent quality i.e. they are acid free 7 x 10 inch paper.

The Canson XL Series Mix Paper Pad has front and back covers which protects the sheets from folding. It is put together by spiral binding. It is an amazing item that can be used for Art, craft and sewing.

The Canson XL Series sheets will make your art look real and make it lively. The thickness of these sheets prevents it from bleeding through the back side so that does not spoil the other sheets behind it. It dries the water colour very quickly. It is affordable and easily available.

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Strathmore- Sketch Pad Review


The Strathmore sketch pads come with 100 sheets. They have many different features like they are light in weight sketch papers that make it ideal for practicing and on-location sketching. This basically means you can travel with it wherever you want. You can carry it with you for your vacations and capture the view everywhere you go.

You can use different kinds of materials to do your art work on it like pencil, pastels, sketching stick and even charcoal that is easily found and readily available. This Strathmore item was made in Canada.

It also has some other great features like it is acid free, it is 50lb paper, also it is wire bound and you will get 100 sheets per pad. Its height is 0.63 inches. Its paper is of high quality for drawing.

The front cover of this sketch book is just a paper similar to the pages inside it and with the same thickness. But the back cover is just like a cardboard which gives it a level surface and you can easily draw on it. Its back cardboard keeps the book from bending and curling.

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Strathmore 477-9 Colored Pencil Pad Review


Let me introduce to you Strathmore 477-9 coloured pencil pad. As the name suggest you can use colour pencils that will make your art excellent and easy. It is great for charcoal and sketching sticks. You can rework on these sheets. The surface of these sheets is durable which allows you to erase multiple times on it. The best part of these sheets is that they are micro perforated wire bound.

The sheets are clean and white that can deal with various types of pencil techniques. These sheets are acid free. They are made in the USA and are with high quality. It was manufactured in the year 2015 and is on the market for over five years with excellent reviews.

It is shipped within the United states and also some selected countries. It has got some good reviews from its customers.

You can use Polychromos coloured pencils and Prismacolor which fit in very well. This product should be used by people who love doing art and craft. It has a hard front and back cover and is put together through spiral binding.   It is easily available and reliable too.

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Strathmore Paper 300 Review


This Strathmore paper 300 contains 24 sheets. These sheets are snow white and not tanned or cream in colour. It is great for both ink tools, speciality pens and traditional. They are a bit heavy weight but also have a smooth surface which will make you painting look real, attractive and perfect.

The Strathmore paper 300 have an excellent surface that you can use to create comics, graphics and cartoons. They are not at all harmful because they are acid free. This is one of the best products made in the United States of America since ten years. The paper quality is very high. Its size is 11 x 17 inches. It is an ideal choice for painting lovers.

Specialty pens and markers also can be used on these sheets. These sheets are and can be used by professionals and award winning artists. You can create character designs and great for your art projects with the Strathmore paper 300.

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Now that we have gone through each of these sheet pads in detail it is easy for us to choose and differentiate between them and come to a conclusion of what will suit us the best. We have learned that each sheet or pad has its own pros and cons but more of pros that makes it reliable.

As each of these drawing papers is made in the United States of America, they are of high quality and in great demand all over the globe. You can also check our article on drawing salves which will help you with paper cuts. 

So what are you waiting for go grab your copy today and make your art the best!

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