Best Drawing Pad for PC

Are you on the market searching for the best drawing tablets? You may have realized that it is not an easy task. The problem is that there are many excellent drawing tablets on the market today so you can never be sure that the one you buy will meet your specific needs. You can also check our article on the best art projector on the market. 

This is why we have put together a simple guide of the best drawing pad for PCs on the market. We have kept it simple and focused on their main features to help make it easy for you to decide the best one for you.

Best Drawing Pad for PC Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing pad for PC on the market today. 

Acepen Computer Graphics Tablet Review


The Acepen tablet is a 10×6 inch wired graphics tablet. It comes with a battery-less stylus which features a 20 degree tilt function.  Graphic tablets like this are becoming so common and affordable. The design is simple and build quality is sturdy. It is compatible with Android phones/pads and Windows/Apple computers.

On the side are 8 physical shortcut press keys that you can customise. On the other side is a clothed loop pen holder to place your stylus when not in use. The pen barrel is solid and feels nice, there is no rubber grip but the matte texture makes it slip-proof.

It comes with 8 replacement nibs and a nib remover. Also packed in is an artist glove, an OTG connector and a USB cable. The tablet features up to 2048 levels of sensitive pressure. The stylus supports 8192 levels of touch sensitivity, making lines smoother. This lets you to grasp ideas faster, easier and efficiently.

The tablet has an active work area interface made of carbon molecular material. It lets you feel like you are drawing on a paper with a pencil. Since the tablet is slim and lightweight, it makes it easy to carry everywhere.

It can be an efficient tool to create ideas digitally. The graphics tablet is ideal for taking notes, teaching, drawing, illustration, excel, ppt, clip studio, and much more.

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HUION H610PRO V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet Review


The Huion H610ProV2 tablet is a super thin and portable device. It comes bundled with a pen holder for your stylus and includes additional 8 nibs. It is a great replacement for a mouse and an input device for use in digital art work. You can connect the tablet on your Android phone and use it anywhere and anytime.

It comes with a PW100 stylus that is battery-free. You can avoid unexpected interruptions while working. The stylus has 2 customizable buttons; the first button would be an eraser option. The pen supports tilt recognition of ±60 levels. This makes it achieve performance like your usual pencils, brushes and markers.

It is compatible with MacOS 10.12, Windows 7, Android 6.0, ChromeOS 88 or any of the updated versions after.

It’s a small compact sized tablet. The active working area is 10×6.25 inches allowing you ample amount of space to fashion what you create. It comes with 8 customizable press keys for preferred and convenient shortcuts.

The Huion tablet is an ideal choice for notes, drawing, sketching, painting, gameplay, E-signatures etc offering you to experience and discover fun with efficiency. It gives you the sense of truly writing on paper.

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Kenting K5540 Drawing Tablet Review


The Kenting K5540 is a 8×6.9 inch tablet that comes with a AAA battery operated stylus. It is not a standalone tablet and needs to be used with a computer or phone. The corners of the tablet are curved making it comfortable to relax your hand. It is well suited for left and right hand users.  

It is compatible for PC and Laptop. It can be used with Mac 10.8 and Windows 10/8/7 and or above. It is suitable for most of the main creative software program like Adobe photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe animate, Krita, Clip studio paint and so on.

The pen comes with 2 customizable push buttons. The stylus features a 4096 pressure level sensitivity with ergonomic tilt design. This provides precision and accuracy when writing or drawing. It makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand. The package comes bundled with 8 replacement nibs and an artist two-finger glove.

It is a perfect mouse replacement for OSU. The wide 5.5×4 inch work area designed for notes, drawing, sketching, gaming, E signing, image editing and much more. The tablet is a very resourceful product that helps with space constraint from its compact design. It is extremely slim and light in weight, making it easy to carry around. It is ideal for students, teachers, graphic designers and more.

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One by Wacom Student Drawing Tablet Review


The Wacom One is 8.3×5.7 inch pen display aimed at beginners and social media content creators. Wacom appears to be reacting to the arrival of cheaper competitor brands making this product low-priced.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows as well as works with some Android devices too. The tablet features a full HD display with 72 per cent NTSC colour and an anti-glare treated film. It has foldable legs and is compact enough to fit in most bags. The Wacom One uses three-ports for HDMI/USB/Power cable but unfortunately does not have USB-C support.

It comes with a cordless, battery-free pen that you never need to recharge. With an impressive 4096 pressure levels, you get a natural feel when writing and designing. It brings ease, good control and precision when using it. It also supports third-party stylus from other companies if you ever feel the need to change.

The product is tested and verified as, ‘works with Chromebook’ meaning, compatibility standards are met with Google products. Upon registering your tablet, you receive Kami App, Pear deck, Explain Everything, Collaboard and Limnu. It also comes with a 3 month trial of EdTech software which is useful for teachers and Clip Studio Paint Pro for digital art.

The Wacom One tablet lets you express ideas and create ways you cannot with a trackpad or keyboard. It is an efficient tool designed to make learning easier.

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I hope our article can help you to find the Best Drawing Pad for PC. Overall, Acepen Computer Graphics Tablet is the Best Drawing Pad for PC. The Kenting K5540 is the best budget one. Finally, One by Wacom Student Drawing Tablet is the best for beginners on the market.

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