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In this world that’s going all tech-savvy, there has been a new change even in the way artists function. In early times art was made possible only with the use of brushes and drawing sheets, whereas now things have changed.

No longer can you see people using the ancient brushes and traditional ways of painting or even sketching.

Now more and more artists have switched to Drawing Monitors. These monitors not only make your work easy, but at the same time also provide you with huge variety of options, colors, themes and features to play with.

If you haven’t tried one of these before you should surely go for it.  Maybe you are in the process of making the correct decision about which drawing monitor to purchase. Here are few of the best drawing monitors on the market that you could opt for.

Best Drawing Monitors Reviews

Let’s check the best XX on the market today. 

Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq Display Monitor Review


Wacon is a pretty old yet well known and loved brand. This particular product of it is a classic one. The style is old yet amazing. It is really suitable especially for the ones who are switching from an actual paint brush and board to the drawing monitor for the very first time.

The Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq Display Monitor has a great HD display of 22 inches and is also equipped with an excellent HD resolution. It is designed to make you work easier and lighter. The drawing pen is tilt sensitive and is also capable of giving your works the natural effect that you wish for.

You can make use of customizable express keys and the other buttons that can save your time while you are focusing on a painting and make your work finish faster with utter convenience. With the touch facility, you could easily access all the options and features you want to try.

The size of the Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq Display Monitor makes it pretty easy to draw. You do not experience any pain on your wrist or arm; it just meets all your requirements effortlessly.

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Huion GT-220 Graphics Drawing Monitor Review


The Huion GT-220 IPS Graphics Drawing Monitor is the ideal product for the artists of this generation.  It has a 21.5 inch display screen that can show up to 16.5 million varieties of colors.

The pen that you get with the drawing monitor is lightweight and it also covered with high quality rubber. The rubber covering makes it convenient for you to have a firm grip on the pen while you are drawing and avoid and slipping.

This pen is equipped with pressure level features, high resolution and many other such characteristics that could easily match all your expectations. You could express your passion without any boundaries faced with the use of the Huion GT-220 Graphics Drawing Monitor.

The Huion GT-220 Graphics Drawing Monitor allows you to play with various effects and colors as you reach your desired outcome. Apart from all these features, it also comes along with an adjustable stand. Now this stand can be adjusted right from an angle of 20° to up to 80° as per your convenience.

It is basically designed this way to help you draw and paint with the screen at any desired angle of your choice.

The Huion GT-220 Graphics Drawing Monitor also has plug-ins for almost all the cables you could need, such as, HDMI, DVI, USB, etc.

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GAOMON PD1560 Pen Display Review


The Gaomon PD1560 Pen Display Monitor is a work of art. The quality effects and output it provides is just too fascinating. It could be used by teachers as well as businessmen who conduct meeting online, as it works great with online meeting platforms such as zoom.

The Gaomon PD1560 Pen Display Monitor is perfect for beginners as well as for the professionals in this field. The drawing monitor has 10 express keys that are customizable. The pen, it has 8192 pressure sensitivity and is rechargeable.

You could focus on lines and color mixing and what not just with the use of this pen. It also could be placed on the screen holder the way you want it, either horizontally or vertically as well like the artists do.

The Screen on the Gaomon PD1560 Pen Display Monitor also has an already applied screen film that not only keeps safe the surface but also gives you an amazing drawing experience that you could ever get.

The Gaomon PD1560 Pen Display Monitor is also equipped with an adjustable stand at the back of the screen. With the use of this, you could draw and paint in any posture your comfortable in. The product should be connected with your laptop or pc, and it works like a charm.

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XP-Pen Artist Drawing Monitor Review


The XP-Pen Drawing monitor can be used with a computer only. This product has a high quality glass look which not gives you a crystal clear smooth surface to work on but also prevents it from getting dusty.

The passive pen provided doesn’t need to be charged and also works beautifully on the screen. You could freely test your limits and enhance your creativity level here.

The XP-Pen Drawing monitor provides colors that look natural, beautiful contrasts and variety of different images to choose from.

It also has USB plug-ins that makes your work easier and faster. The new F9 High Tech IC which is adopted by the XP-Pen makes stuff much smoother and quicker. The XP-Pen Drawing monitor doesn’t even weigh much. It is nothing more than 3.2 pounds. It is also compatible with Windows.

Apart from that system other systems such as photo-shop, illustrator, etc work really well with the drawing monitor. This XP-Pen Monitor comes with one year warranty and also technical support on all XP-Pen tablets for a lifetime.

Lastly, the best part of the product is that it is manufactured in a way that could meet the requirements both right as well as left handed people.

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Hope the write-up helps you make your decision appropriately. These were some of the best drawing monitors available on the market. All the drawing monitors have their own amazing features and designs. You could make your choice as per your needs and desires. You can also check our article on art markers for coloring

These products will surely help you enhance your creativity in a way you never dreamt of. Good luck on finding your new level of excitement!

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