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Mechanical pencils are for everyday use. From students to professionals, everyone can use. These can be ideal for drawing, illustrations, sketching or drafting. They are designed in a way that the lead doesn’t break. And the grip is so comfortable that you won’t feel much stress if you are working long hours.

These pencils provide lines with consistent and same width without sharpening. They are also used for fine art drawing. They do not have to be sharpened.  It is built with such mechanisms that it prevents the lead from breaking. Some pencils have lead hardness grade on them. The more common lead sizes are 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.

Best Drawing Mechanical Pencil Reviews

Let’s check the best mechanical pencils on the market today. 

Rotring Mechanical Pencil Review


The Rotring mechanical pencil is a great professional tool to use for a long time as it is long lasting. Its body is full of metal. This provides a good balance that allows you to write and draw without discomfort.  The hexagon shape ensures that it won’t slide down.

The metallic grip prevents the pencil from slipping from your hand and helps you write for a long period of time in gliding mode. It can be used for technical drawing, writing, and sketching. It is available in black and silver. It comes in .5mm and .7mm lead sizes. The Rotring Mechanical Pencil gives ruler-based drawing.

The pencil comes with a lead grade indicator. It is the best product for your creative needs. This mechanical pencil has an amazing reputation. It is valued for its reliable, strong, and practical qualities. It has a removable pocket clip. 

The Rotring Mechanical Pencil comes with a built-in eraser under the pocket clip. It is supplied in Rotring packaging. The packaging is triangular which helps to avoid damage when in transit. The lead thickness is great for writing, drawing and also can be used for less detailed technical drawings.

The brand logo and size are printed on the pencil’s body in red. This pencil lasts for a very long time. It comes with a two years guarantee from the original date of purchase.

This is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world for drawing pencils. It is well-designed and of great quality.

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Shaeffer Prelude Review


Shaeffer makes great products. The Shaeffer Prelude is used all over the world and is appreciated for its great level of comfort. Pencil includes a protective cover to prevent the lead from breaking. It is available in black matte finish, which features a gold plate trim of 22k. 

The Shaeffer Prelude is designed in old-fashioned style but for up-to-date functionality. It is a symbol of pleasurable and great writing experience. It comes with 0.7mm lead. Its tip is shiny stainless steel and flexible with a medium point grade.

The Shaeffer Prelude is designed with a modern push-cap system. It is packaged in a fancy gift box. It stands for its eternal charm. It’s a classy tool for creative mind. 

Young students and professional usually prefer this mechanical pencil above any other brand. It comes very handy as an accessory to carry to the college or workplace. It is a world-wide product. 

It comes with a 1 year of warranty. The best part of this pencil is that it is available in different colors and thickness.

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WSD Sketch Mechanical Pencil Review


The WSD Sketch Mechanical Pencil is best used for writing, sketching, and technical drawing. Its barrel is designed with metal and other mechanical components. The components used are aluminum alloy and brass. It is used for professional design and drawing. 

The WSD Sketch Mechanical Pencil is a very comfortable and fine tool that helps you keep your hand clean while working. It comes with a metal built-in clip. This clip is solid and reliable. You can adjust the lead’s length by pressing the cap on the pencil. The cap has an in-built sharpener. You can screw and unscrew it easily from the holder.  These pencils hold 5.6mmX90mm lead, charcoal, and WSD disc tips.

The package has 1 pencil, 1 lead, a user manual, and a box. It is available in black color. The balance and weight of the pencil are nice. It is great value for money. It is a well-made pencil. It is good for shading and drawing fine lines. This pencil is just what you’re looking for.

The WSD Sketch Mechanical Pencil comes in a solid body and good weight with an easy grip. This helps you hold the pencil and do your work for a long time without any stress on your hands. This pencil is a necessity for artists who work on large surfaces.

The WSD Sketch Mechanical Pencil gives you good control. A refill pack is also included in the package. The design of the pencil is stylish which shows great quality and care with your drawing.

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Pilot Mechanical Pencil Review


The Pilot Mechanical pencil is perfectly designed with the distribution of weight for very comfortable, balanced drawing as well as writing. This pencil comes with 0.7mm 2HB lead, which is break-resistant. It is latex-free. It has a wide and double-layer grip which provides a comfortable grip.

The well-designed and balanced gripping axis helps prevent stress while writing. This mechanical pencil is a remedy for happy hands. The grip consists of two layers of silicon rubber. The external layer is thicker or harder than the internal layer. This gives the grip softness, stability and durability. 

Pilot products are known for their legacy of art, quality, and design. They have fine pens, highlighters, fountain pens, and many other products. The pilot has everything that you are looking for.

Whether it is for writing, or storing supplies in the office, or taking notes, they have the perfect products for you. It makes the finest tool for everyday excellent writing.  According to your everyday needs and for a more comfortable writing experience, these pencils are the perfect answer.

The Pilot Grip pencils are refillable as well as retractable for extensive use and long-term value. The refillable lead makes the product more economical. And the retractable lets you use the lead when you work and prevent you from breaking it when you don’t need it. 

The pencil has 2 leads which help in smooth writing. This pencil is built to last. These pencils are available in many colors.

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Mechanical pencils are finest drawing instrument made for everyone. Some of these drawing pencils are even environmental-friendly. These pencils come with erasers or built-in sharpeners. 

The pencils are great in terms of quality and are made to last a long time. Pencils are very handy. You can carry it around with you everywhere.

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  1. You are missing out on an important sensory pleasure if you use a mechanical pencil rather than a wooden one. The best wooden pencils have a distinctive and delightful fragrance of cedarwood when you sharpen them.


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