Best Drawing Books For Beginners

Are you just a beginner in the drawing field? Or do you want to refresh your sketching skills? Or you are just looking something for your kids to explore the art of drawing?

The below drawing books are the answers to all the questions related to learning drawing.

Best Drawing Books for Beginners Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing books for beginners on the market today. 

You Can Draw in 30 Days Review


Are you someone who wants to learn the art of drawing but do not know where to start? Do not worry; it is time you get your pencil and practice book out.

Long time PBS host, Emmy award winner Mark Kistler is here to teach you the skills of drawing 3D sketches and that too within 30 days with 20 minutes a day.

The book by Mark Kistler “You Can Draw in 30 Days” has stepwise instruction for drawings. It starts with basic spheres and proceeds to complicated ones like buildings, trees, human hand and face.

The author has provided 500 line drawings for thorough learning and practice. You will be learning 3D drawing with unique tips and techniques.

This book is designed in such a way that both kids as well as adults can learn to draw using the stepwise tutorials. It is for someone who is a beginner in the field of drawing.

Mark has concentrated on 9 Fundamental Laws of Drawing to show how you can show illusion of depth in your drawing.

You will start with basics of sketching simple objects. Later, the lessons will teach you the technique to show light effects, shadow work and giving details to your drawings.

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Art for Kids – Drawing Book Review


Kathryn Temple is a renowned artist who has experience of teaching children in schools and camps. Her paintings are displayed in various private and corporate collections.

With all her expertise in teaching children how to draw, Kathryn Temple has launched this book titled “Art for Kids: Drawing”.

This book is best suited for teens and young adults who want to learn the basics of drawing or want to enhance their drawing skills

Instructions in the book are easy to understand and follow. The children can learn stepwise how to create any object.

In latter parts the book proceeds to teach the light effect, shadow works, selecting correct angle, etc.

Kathryn has made sure that children’s interest stays intact for a longer period of time. Children should not get bored with long theories; hence the author has kept minimum theory and has added fun processes to guide children.

Even art teachers can use this book to teach their students the basics of drawings.  Also parents can order this book if their teens prefer self learning.

The book “Art for Kids: Drawing” can be gifted on Christmas, Easter or Birthdays. 

This book teaches various aspects of drawings like proportions, scales, sources, shadows, etc. Children are kept motivated and book keeps challenging them to improvise the learning. The more they practice, the better their sketches will get.

Go ahead and order this awesome book for your teen children or for yourself and enhance your drawing skills.

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How to Draw Cool Stuff Review


How to Draw Cool Stuff, a book by Catherine Holmes, is a stepwise book that teaches the basics of drawing objects with precision and details. However complex the final drawing is, there is detailed guidance given to reach the final drawing.

The book contains exercises that make drawing a fun thing. You learn to see lines, shapes, angles, etc in everyday things and start sketching those things in just a few steps.

Few minutes of practice on a daily basis with the steps in this book will help you gain immense confidence and accuracy in your drawing. Starting with simple objects and slowly moving towards complex structures, this book is enough to boost your artistic skills.

How to Draw Cool Stuff is a book that can prove useful for children as well as elders who are willing to enhance their drawing skills. This book will train your brain to visualize how an ordinary object seen by your eyes which can be converted into an artistic image/sketch on a paper. 

The exercises in this book keep students motivated and engaged. Every exercise teaches something new every time. Like other drawing books on the market, this book does not tell only “WHAT” to draw and leave it. It actually teaches step wise “How” to draw anything. 

It is an ideal gift for children or adults on Christmas, Birthdays or any Happy Occasions.

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How to Draw: 53 Step-by-Step Drawing Projects Review


The book has step by step tutorials to teach you the basics of drawing. It starts with basic exercise showing how to draw simple objects like sphere, cubes, trees, etc. Slowly the exercise moves towards complex drawings of animals, human faces and body parts, vehicles, etc.

Each exercise has something new to teach you. Regular practise with this book trains your brain to look at ordinary objects from an artistic point of view and slowly learn to draw those objects on the drawing pad.

This book is designed especially for beginners in the drawing field. It can be easily understood by kids and adults and the guidance is easy to follow. 

On the left hand side, diagrams are provided with stepwise instruction and on the right hand side, space is provided for you to follow instructions and you can practice in the space.

Every diagram shows each step till you reach the final drawing. No need to keep a separate book or papers for practising as already right hand side is kept for practise purpose. This keeps the desk / practice area mess free.

It is an ideal gift for children as well as adults (who like to draw) on birthdays, Christmas, etc.

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The above reviewed books are among the best choices to gift children or adults who want to learn drawing.

What are you waiting for? Just order one of the books and explore the world of sketching and drawing.  

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