Best Drawing Book

When you start drawing, it can be very frustrating. This is why you should practice as much as you can. Especially when you are getting started. 

It helps a lot when you have drawing books to guide you to be a better artist. 

Best Drawing Book Reviews

Let’s check the best drawing books on the market today. 

You Can Draw In 30 Days


Do you love drawing but cannot bring that perfect touch to your sketches? Or you are someone who wants to learn the art of drawing but do not know where to start?

Let all your worries vanish. With xperience and vast knowledge in drawing field, PBS host, Emmy award winner Mark Kistler has come up with a book titled “You Can Draw in 30 Days”.

Yes you read that correct! With just 20 minutes of daily practice you can learn more than just basics of drawing within 30 days.

This book has step by step guidance to draw any figure. You can follow the steps and you will be able to learn how to draw simple as well as complex structures.

Be it a simple sphere, tree, cubes or as complex drawings like buildings or animals or human body parts you will slowly but surely be able to draw.

The techniques in this book will teach you how to draw things with 3D effects. The book contains more than 500 drawings with stepwise guidance.

Even if you are a beginner who wants to start from scratch or a professional artist who wants to polish the drawing skills, this book can be used by anyone.

 The book teaches how light effects work, how to scale your drawings so they look proportionate, how to add shadows correctly so the drawing comes up correctly in 3D effect.

This book is ideal gift for adults as well as kids who like drawing. It is simple enough for kids to understand and comprehensive enough for adults who want to explore the world of sketching.

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The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets Review


Husband-wife duo Carrie and Rick, professional artists, are here to teach you the art of bringing life to your drawings. The couple travel for national and international projects creating marvelous stone carvings and dynamic artwork.

For anyone who is willing to learn the art of drawing, this book will prove to be of tremendous help. If you want to start from scratch or you already know the basics but would like to give realistic touch to your drawings, this book is for you. 

Yes, this book “The Big book of Realistic Drawing Secrets” is a golden chance for you to learn and improve your drawing skills.

The book starts with simple and basic drawings and slowly trains you towards complex and challenging figures. Till the end, it keeps you challenged and motivated to keep improvising your drawing skills.

The authors will be able to teach how to correctly draw complicated textures like fur and metal.

With stepwise guidance of more than 40 drawings including nature, animals, humans, etc, this book has covered wide variety of drawings and sketches.  

This book is ideal gift for adults as well as children who love drawing. You can gift it on Birthdays, Christmas or Easter.

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Artist's Drawing Techniques Review


The book titled “Artist’s Drawing Techniques” is one marvelous book that will help you learn the art and techniques of various kinds of drawings. 

The book has stepwise tutorials for all levels of drawing. It starts with Beginner level and slowly the projects turn more challenging at Intermediate level and Advanced level. With regular practice and tutorials in this book you surely are going to reach advanced level sooner than you expected.

 Through this book, professional artists will guide you stepwise the drawing with various medium like pastels, oil pastels, pencil, colored pencil, ink, and charcoal. Each medium has three sections Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

You will learn how to use correct pressure of charcoal on paper to bring out the desired effect. Also you will learn techniques like blending, masking, cross-hatching.

The contrast effect with water soluble pastels will bring a vibrant look to your drawings. You will learn how just using the correct shade and color tone will make huge difference in your drawing.

More than 80 professional artist’s techniques and work can be found in this single book with easy and step wise illustration.

Don your artist hat and with the help of this book, let the creativity flow on your canvas!!

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How to Draw 101 Animals Review


Most of the drawing books for kids available on market have a few drawbacks like they are either too theoretical or the pictures given are bit too complex.

The book titled “How to Draw 101 Animals” by Dan Green is designed especially for children of age group 5 years and above.

The book contains 101 drawing of animals. Each drawing of animal is broken down into simple steps so children can easily follow and arrive at final drawing. Author has also made sure the final drawing of animal is completed with only 6-7 steps only.

This keeps children interested and motivated. They can easily keep moving to learn and draw many animals without getting bored. Also the book does not contain unnecessary theory which small children might find difficult to understand.

Dan Green has authored many books under How to Draw series like How to Draw Fairies, Monsters, Dinosaurs, Funny People etc. Each title contains 101 drawings shown in various poses, sizes and shapes.

Children can learn to draw same animal in different poses. For example a horse will be shown as standing facing right, facing left, jumping, running, etc.

The book “How to Draw Animals” or any other book in this series can be ideal gift for kids on occasions like Birthdays, Christmas or Easter.

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If you already are an artist but are looking to sharpen your drawing skills or just an amateur who has just stepped into the universe of sketching and drawing, these books is for everyone.

With regular practice and help of these books, you will definitely see the improvement in your work. Be it any type of drawing with pencils or subjects which you think is out of your scope, you will gain confidence to bring it on paper.

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