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Art pens were once only used by artists. Now we have a host of other creatives like illustrators and cartoonists who have realized that using a high-quality art pen helps in improving your output. You can also check our review on the best drawing pens

Most of the art pens we have reviewed below are very precise and all are branded and are of high-quality. 

We have covered a wide range below so that you can choose the art pen that best suits your requirements. 

Best Art Pens Reviews

Let’s check the best art pens on the market today. 

iBayam 18 Fine Point Marker Pens Review


The Ibayam Marker pens lets you put thoughts into words and express yourselfself with color and style. This pack of 0.38 mm fine liner marker pens from iBayam are is available in 18 unique colors. It features a technology to guard and protect the tip that will not stain your fingers.

It would be ideal for artwork, journaling, drawing, sketching, doodling, etc. Water based ink is used, which helps in avoiding paper staining, smearing and has minimal bleed. It consists of modern and vibrant colors that are long lasting. The product has a slim barrel which makes it comfortable and very easy to use.

Due to the premium quality fine point, it would benefit you in drawing effortlessly on template stencils. It would be perfect for drawing fine lines and detailing intricate designs.

It can also be used on other complex design patterns and coloring like graphic designing, animation and manga. This extremely fine metal fibre tip pens delivers an outstandingly smooth and even performance.

You can use these pens for writing everyday with attractive bold and lively colors. Pleasure yourself with a range and variety of modern colors that add pop to your personalized notes, journals, scrapbooks and planners. This can also be used for adult coloring books.

It is also a well packaged product that can be used as a great gift for adults and children of any age group. 

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Sakura Pigma Pen Set Review


Established in 1982 by Sakura, these pigma micron fine point pens continue in today’s market as most reliable art pen set. They were initially invented as a drafting tool but are excellent for any use that requires precision.

The pigment ink is chemically more complex than the dye ink causing it to not bleed through. This also makes it waterproof on paper and lasts longer. They are non-toxic and chemical proof.

They have quality archival ink, meaning when you write something on paper it won’t fade or change over time. It also does not tend to smear or feather on. In retrospect, they are surprisingly affordable compared to the other options available. This makes the pigma microns fine point pens reliable and the first choice for everyone.

The product is very good for intricate design and patterns. They are often used by architects, technical professionals, arts and crafters, scientists, cartoonists, anime artists and so on.

This pen set holds six different point tip width sizes, which are 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm and 0.50mm respectively. This gives you the option to use and create what you wish with standard precision and accuracy.

Keep in mind, these pens are disposable because they weren’t meant to be re-filled or have their nibs replaced. The smaller the nib, the faster they tend to wear out.

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Tanmit Gel Pens Set Colored Pen Review


The premium quality gel pens from Tanmit come in a pack of 36 exciting unique colors. They consist of 12 glitter pens, 6 pastel pens, 8 metallic pens, 6 neon pens and 4 classic primary colors.

The set comes with a fine tip ball point for a smooth and pleasing performance. The coloured rubber grips make it comfortable to use and easy to hold. Each gel pen holds 40% more capacity of ink to last longer.

The colours are vibrant, bold and can indeed bring out the artist in you. With these gel pens you can use your blending technique to create more colors to your liking. They are perfect for drawing, colouring, writing, highlighting etc. You can use these pens to add some pop to your sketches, doodles or add accents to your journals and scrapbooks.

The Tanmit gel pens are water based, non-toxic and acid free. They are perfect for children and adults of any age. It comes in a decent packaging. You can simply pick the colors as they are laid neatly and organized.

The color options would add extra magic to your artwork. It will give you the sense of feeling like a skilled artist. This stationary product from Tanmit would also be a perfect gift for anyone who loves color and art in any form.

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Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pens Review


The 2-pack Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens consists of a soft-tip and hard tip felt in colors black and blue. It is a versatile tool used for different illustration techniques. It is water based that makes it smoother and easier to use without staining and bleeding through the paper. It has been crafted uniquely keeping artists at thought.

The pen was created in Japan, in order to make available a more user and pocket friendly way to scrawl Kanji. The distinct felt tip of the pen lets you control the movement accurately to complete your chosen style of calligraphy art.

The difference comes in the flexibility from the tip of the pen. Light pressure would give you finer hairline strokes whereas a firmer pressure would give you bolder strokes.

A soft tip is recommended for beginners as it gives you an understanding of the applied pressure technique for calligraphy. The hard tip on the other hand would deliver finer and smooth strokes during transitioning.

The Fudenosuke brush nibs can produce hairline, fine or thick strokes by just changing the pressure while using. This leads to no limit in fashioning whatever you wish to create.

These brush pens are also available in a variety of bold, rich and bright shades. They are odorless, waterproof, non-refillable but are also long lasting.

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I hope our article can help you to find the Best Art Pen. Overall, iBayam 18 Fine Point Marker Pens is the Best Art Pen. The Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pens are the best budget one. Finally, Tanmit Gel Pens Set is the best for kids on the market.

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