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Art is way of releasing emotions for most of the artist and art pencils become the medium for it. Most of the Art pencils found on the market either break easily or do not manage to provide satisfying results.

Being the artist you are, you know exactly how difficult it might get to find the best set of Art Pencils. As difficult it might be, I’m here with few best art pencils sets that have been proved to be the best in terms of performance and quality. You can also check our review on the best paint brush for chalk paint.

They are designed in ways to enhance the look of your art and provide you with the best of experiences. Hope these help you!

Best Art Pencils Reviews

Let’s check the best art pencils on the market today. 

Soucolor Colored Pencils Review


This color pencil set consists of 72 pencils. All of these pencils have a soft lead and are durable. They do not break off easily and also can be sharpened without facing any issues.

They are made of rich quality cedar wood. Using them is very easy as they can be held comfortably. Whether you’re a budding artist or a professional, they suit you and never fail to impress.

The color pencils blend beautifully giving your art a well finished look. They are smooth to use and their feel on paper is just unexplainable. The quality factor of this product too is outstanding.

The best part of this product is that it has an EN71 safety certificate. This makes it completely safe to use. The pencils do not have any odor as well.

In order to store it, you get a beautiful eco-friendly tube. This tube can easily accommodate all the pencils thereby providing you with easy access to them when you need it.

These pencils have great pigment and therefore make your work smooth and gorgeous. Unlike other pencils, these colors don’t fade away easily. Sketching and coloring feels more fun with these pencils. 

The price too is affordable for such a high quality product.

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ARTEZA Colored Pencils Set Review


The ARTEZA set comes at reasonable price but with professional material. Many-a-times, people end up wasting a fortune over top class brands to get the best of colored pencils. With this product you get the same professional standard but at a budget-friendly piece.

These colors glide over paper like a charm. Their ability to blend and over layer is just mind-blowing. You’d be surprised by the deep coverage these pencils provide.

Each pencil is named by a specific name and number thereby helping you to identify easily. Even the choices of colors available here are bright and vibrant unlike the dull shades you find in most colored pencil sets.

The pencils are completely non-toxic and so are safe to use. The leads are about 4mm long and are break-resistant. They also have a dense yet soft wax core. They have the ability to give you’re a natural yet unique look

The pencils come along with a metal case for easy storage and management. Organizing your pencils becomes a piece of cake with the container.

If by any chance you face an issue with the product, you will be sent a free replacement. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. ARTEZA has got all of it covered.

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Castle Art Supplies, Coloring Pencils Sets Review


If joy could be packed up in box for an artist, this product is that box. Adding depth and texture to your work is a piece of cake with the use of these color pencils. Their leads have a velvety finish and are buttery smooth on paper.

The consistency of the colors too is just perfect enough to give you ideal results with less effort and more fun. These color pencils are highly pigmented and have a uniqueness of their own.

They are not named and numbered but are color coded. This makes it really convenient for you to pick out the actual shade you want without having to waste any time.

This product is made out of premium Basswood with a finished touch to ensure no breakage for a long time. They are durable and comfortable to sketch/color in. The pencils also have a soft silk like coating and let you use them for long hours without tiring your fingers.

Apart from all this, the pencils come arranged in a beautiful tin box. The box lets you arrange your pencils in any order of your choice for better accessibility. With all these features, Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Due to any issue, if you are not be satisfied with the quality of the product, there’s a Money Back Guarantee available as well. You would get a refund for your product and get to keep it as well.

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Norberg & Linden Drawing Set Review


This is a unique drawing kit bought to you by Norberg & Linden, a Company known for manufacturing high quality products. It consists of supplies such as graphite and charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, eraser, sharpeners, etc. 

The charcoal pencils provided here are of three different variations, those are soft, medium and hard, while charcoal sticks come in two forms – soft and medium. These pencils also provide you a very firm and comfortable grip while holding them.

Variation in the different types of pencils make drawing fun as you can now experiment with thicker or thinner lines according to your drawing patterns and designs

This set comes in handy and can be used by both beginners as well as professionals. The sketch pad provided with the kit is made of professional sketching paper and doesn’t weigh much. As this set is compact, it can be easily carried anywhere while travelling.

Using art pencils that make drawing and shading relatively easy can further develop your technical skills. It is a perfect gift that you can wish for yourself or give one to your known art lovers.

The product comes with assurance of great customer service and even money back if it fails to meet your expectations. Overall it is a complete package equipped to incite your creativity and get set for expanding your drawing horizons.

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I hope the artist reading this, makes the right decision as to which color pencils set to go for. All of the above mentioned sets are amazing in all their aspects. You could choose any depending on your requirements. These color art pencil sets are perfect even as a gift to any of the budding artist you know of. They are both useful and affordable as well. Do give it a try!

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