Best Art Markers for Coloring

Painting/Coloring has been a fun thing to do for nearly all the people over the world, since a long time now. In early times, colors would be made with basic ingredients and didn’t seem to last long.

Now with newer inventions, colors just don’t come along in crayons but also in other types of markers and paints and so much more.

Art markers are a new way of coloring. They are not only easy to keep and take care but are also less messy and quite long lasting.

People right from tiny tots to teenagers to grown up artists, nowadays prefer using these art markers. They’re classy and trendy too!

Best Art Markers for Coloring Reviews

Let’s check the best art markers for coloring on the market today. 

TwoCo Lanke Markers Review


TwoCo is a really wonderful brand that makes high quality products that are known worldwide. This product is a set of 60 markers that come in a huge array of colors. They make coloring more fun, frolic and also give your work a more presentable and aesthetic look.

These markers have a dual tip that provides you to play with your designs in the way you want to. The tip that is on the finer side is of about 0.1 cm and the tip that is more on the thicker side is of about 0.7 cm. Both of these are smooth to use.

When it comes to writing purposes, the finer one could be of great help and when it comes to coloring a large portion, the thicker one can be utilized. Both of these tips consist of bright and vibrant colors, the ones that can catch anyone’s attention.

The colors even blend along really well. It has the feature to give your work a natural look. These markers are filled with a great amount of ink and also consist of high pigmentation which makes sure that you do not run out of it easily.

If you want your work to be of an excellent quality, you should surely give these art markers a try.

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Artsy Magic Art Markers Review


The Artsy Magic Art Markers are one of the nicest quality markers available on the market. They come in a huge set of 80 pieces. Along with this set you also get a lovely case to store in all the markers and a separate coloring book too. Isn’t that just the perfect combo for the artist in you?

These markers provide intense flexibility when at use. Both the end tips are designed in a way that suits you best. You can try calligraphy, writing, drawing patterns and what not.

The colors blend really well and provide you with an amazing final result. Talking about the quality, the ink used in these markers is completely acid-free and even waterproof. Now, you do not have to worry about your work getting smudged or spoilt.

The best part is that the color dries up quickly and you do not have to wait for hours altogether for it. These markers are also known for their ability to not fade away. No matter when you might color and finish your work, the outcome will remain exactly as it is even months down the line.

They also have colored caps which help you pick the exact shade and color you might want to use with complete ease.

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Caliart Dual Brush Pens Review


The Caliart Art Markers are one of the most attractive and stunning looking markers available. They come in a set of 34 brushes. They have fine points on both sides, one little thicker than the other and can be utilized for various styles and designs while coloring.

The tip that’s more on the broader side is about 1.5 mm and the other tip is about 0.4 mm. This design helps you to easily switch from creating delicate and intricate patterns to directly coloring a large area of your work.

They are water resistant, so you can play along without having to worry about anything.  The colors provided vibrant and gorgeous.

These markers are easy to hold and work with as well. These markers are suitable for both kids as well as the grown-ups, starting from coloring color books to up to filling journals, sketching or even doing calligraphy.

The product is also 100% safe to use. They are completely odorless and aren’t made of any such material that could cause any harm to any of its users.

If ever you get messy while using them, it can be easily washed off with water. Also, they are eco-friendly.

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Aen Art Marker Pens Review


The Aen Art Markers come in a small set of 24 pieces. They are really beautiful and have the ability to enhance your creative spirit. The dual tips are both convenient to use and are also very strong.

Unlike other art markers, their tips are really durable. They can be used for making beautiful crazy strokes, calligraphy, etc. These, markers are completely water based and not alcohol so it is perfect for small children. The variety of colors provided is really great and vibrant.

These markers make coloring much more fun and enjoyable. When it comes to talking about their quality, they are completely safe to be used and are also odorless.

The tips of these markers are made of fiber which provides you with better and good-looking results as compared to the other markers. The customer service too is really great.

You can get your product delivered at a fast speed and in case you face any inconveniences, they can be easily contacted. There will be absolutely no regrets you would face with this product because they guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate.

If you are looking for some adorable present for young ones or even any growing artist out there you should surely give this product a try.

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So, these were few of the art markers that I would highly recommend for you to try out as they are not only affordable but also provide you with the best quality outcome and an amazing experience that could enhance your creativity. You can also check our article on drawing mechanical pencils

They not only make coloring easy and fun but also can help you grow in this field. This product could be a great gift to buy for yourself or your loved ones.

Hope this write-up helped you make your choices appropriately based on your requirements!

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