Best Art Colored Pencils

Color pencil art is so much in trend these days. They could be used by kids to simply fill their coloring books or even by professionals to create realistic artwork.

This all could only work out well, if you have the perfect set of color pencils. Finding the one that could match your passion for art and at the same time fit in your budget, could be a tough task at times.

To solve that issue, I’m going to share with you few of the best colored pencils sets you could find on the market. Hope these help you to buy the best for yourself or for anyone you wish to gift a set. You can also check our review on the best art pencil.

Best Art Colored Pencils Reviews

Let’s check the best art colored pencils on the market today. 

Soucolor Colored Pencils Set Review


This product consists of 180 colored pencils, all of vibrant and beautiful different shades. They have a soft finish and work like fine butter on paper. Using them gives an unexplainable joy and bliss.

This product is best for professional artists, but is also suitable for the beginners. With the variety of colors available, honestly it’s perfect for anyone who loves art.

Blending and shading is super easy and fun with these pencils. All of them are individually labeled as well as have color coded ends that lead to easy identification.

The product is of high quality and you will not witness any breaking or cracking in the pencils. They have incredibly soft leads and can also be sharpened easily. They also last longer than other colored pencils you might have used before.

Apart from this, you also get a cute metal tin case along with it. With the help of that you could store your pencils in any order you like.

The product has a safety certificate too, so there is absolutely not a single thing to worry about. It is completely safe to use. Also, most of such products contain odor, but this doesn’t at all.

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Misulove Sketching Pencils Set Review


The Misulove Sketching Pencils Set product consists of 12 professional quality sketching pencils. The range of these graphite pencils varies from 4H to up to 12B size. Creating strokes and designs of various thicknesses is made possible with just one pencil set.

They are created in such a manner that the bonding makes them break resistant and long lasting. The main purpose of the sketching pencil is to have high point strength and the MISULOVE Pencils Set give you exactly that.

They can be easily sharpened and are super fun to use whether you are a budding sketch artist or a pro. One of the nicest features of this product is that it is made of all natural material and is completely non-toxic

There is no plastic or any hazardous material used in manufacturing this product. As the borders of the pencils are hexagonal on design, they are easy to grip and also do not hurt the finger while working.

The graphite used too is of a premium quality. Creating realistic sketches gets easier with these. They can give your work a well finished tough and a natural look

It can be a beautiful gift for children or for any of your loved ones. These pencils make sketching very enjoyable.

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Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencils Set Zip-up Review


Having a mini travel friendly bag consisting of all your art stuff is every single artist’s dream. This product makes that dream come true. It is whole 120 colored pencils set wrapped up in a beautiful nylon zip-up case that you can carry wherever you go.

You get a bunch of great vivid and vibrant colors to choose from. Within just one or two uses, they will become your first preference. Their leads are velvet smooth and have high pigment as well.

With these pencils, you can easily create gorgeous blended designs as well as over layer your work with complete ease. The core of the pencil has a cream like consistency that increases the effects of your art work and also makes working fun.

With minimum effort, you get the best of results through the use of these pencils. Rich premium Basswood is used to make these pencils. They are designed for tough and long use.

It ensures minimal number of breakages. The feel of the pencils too is great and can be used for longer hours without any discomfort.

Apart from this, you can also take a look of the tutorial that teaches you to design the exact same Galleon Ship which you find at the front of your set. Basically, this product gets all your needs covered in just a small pack.

Also, if due to any issue you do not seem to enjoy this product or have any inconveniences with its regard, you can ask for a refund. The Store not only returns your money but also lets you keep the product.

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Bajotien Store Oil Pencils Review


This oil pencil set consists of 120 beautiful and unique shades. Each pencil is colored in its individual shade, which makes it easy for you to pickup exactly the one you are looking for.

These pencils are perfect for your adult color books, gifts for children and even for experienced artists. They have a soft core that lets you color smoothly. Various shades can be made conveniently.

They come in a metal box and are portable. In the metal box they are arranged in 4 different plastic trays based on your color order. This makes it simple for you to identify them. Each tray consists of 40 pencils.

The box keeps your pencils protected and fit for the long run. If oil based pencils are your thing, then this is the product you should opt for.

The easy blend and the smooth finish that these pencils provide, is just fascinating. It makes your work look unique and natural at the same time. Their barrel is square which makes them super comfortable to hold, even when you are working for hours together.

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The above mentioned art colored pencils are few of the best quality art pencils you could find on the market. Based in your requirement list, you can opt for any of these without any worries.

Art is love and don’t let the confusion of the choosing the right medium stop you from expressing out the passion in you. I hope this write-up helped you in some way at least. Good luck with your drawings!

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