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Art is eternal. Things may come and go, but art remains forever. It depicts some of the darkest and deepest feelings that words can’t necessarily express. Art was challenging to find or preserve back in time; however, with the changing times, things have modernized.

There are tons of art books available on the market that help you enter that world and get inspiration right from where you are. As artists, if there’s one thing that we must do is never stop learning and art books are one of the best tools that can help.

There is no denying that once people are out of art school, the journey towards searching for your style can feel like a challenging task. The art books act like guides that direct you to get your art styles with ease.

Here are some of the best art books that will take you a long way. I hope you like them.


Best Overall – The Sleeve Should Be Illegal

Best Budget – The Mirror and the Palette

Best Architecture – Non-Extractive Architecture

Best Art Book Review

The Sleeve Should Be Illegal: & Other Reflections on Art at the Frick Review

The Sleeve Should Be Illegal

The book consists of almost 61 reflections on Frick’s outstanding collection. Authors have written several personal experiences and desires concerning the art pieces, and it is one of the most famous art books of 2021.

You get the hardcover copy for just under $22. It also has the insights of the author that give a lot of knowledge and inspiration. The narration, the journey through the museum, etc., are very comforting and fascinating.

Many people have memories with The Frick and have their favorites for the collection, and the book gathers all those moments and memories for you subtly. If I’m being honest, if there’s one way to get you boosted and start working on original art, it’s through this book.

The delivery time taken is slightly longer than other books; however, it is worth waiting. You could gift it to an artist friend, and I’m sure they would love it.


  • Value for money
  • Hardcover
  • Fascinating
  • Consists exceptional artwork


  • Delivery takes a little long

The Mirror and the Palette: Rebellion, Revolution, and Resilience: Five Hundred Years of Women’s Self Portraits Review


The Mirror and the Palette is a well-renowned book depicting the history of women’s self-portraits. The author Jennifer Higgie brings out women’s true beauty and courage right from the past to today.

Back in time, the only people who were ever seen as artists or would ever write art history were white men. No one imagined women doing art because it was either not permitted or hidden somewhere.

However, the book showcases how women embraced their true identity and showed the world their talent. The art which once kept hidden was now accepted and displayed with pride.

Jennifer Higgie aptly depicts those art pieces and the numerous cross-cultural aspects behind them. The books consist of stories of rebellion, cultural history, tragedy, travel, and much more. I feel that every artist must own a copy of this masterpiece.

It is one of the best publishes of 2021. The book is only 336 pages long and falls under $30. If you think that the cost is high, you could opt for a kindle edition or even a second-hand copy.

The best part of the book is that it has an ideal font size, unlike other books that tend to strain your eyes. However, it would be best to hurry up because, with the increasing orders, the book gets out of stock quite often.


  • Beautiful read
  • Available both on kindle and hardcover
  • Quick shipping
  • Returnable


  • A little expensive

Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing Without Depletion Review

Non-Extractive Architecture

The name itself says it all. This book is undoubtedly a must-have if you are into architecture or architecture designs. It helps you broaden your perspective towards a more environmentally friendly and non-exploitive design.

We all know how important architecture and the architects are for basic living. They have the power to decide how we live, our workplace, etc. If you notice the buildings around you, they are one of the most significant causes of greenhouse gas emissions.
Have you ever wondered what the planet will be like if such structures get constructed in large numbers every second day? No right? Because it is scary. However, with the Non-Extractive Architecture at hand, things could be different.

You get the book in paperback form and at a reasonable price. It was published on the 14th of September 2021 and has been fabulous since then. If you are an architect or know of someone interested in it, this is the best gift to give them.

The only drawback here is that you do not get a kindle edition of the book. However, it might be available soon; you never know. The book focuses mainly on the architecture field; therefore, it might not suit other artists who enjoy creating art relating to nature, people, etc.

Nevertheless, beauty exists in the most random places, and I guess this could be one of the spots. The price is quite reasonable; however, if you want it at a cheaper rate, you could opt for the used copy.


  • Suitable for aspiring architects as well as professionals
  • It’s a paperback and, therefore, lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for gift


  • Not available in hardcover or Kindle edition

Charlie Porter What Artists Wear Review

 Charlie Porter What Artists Wear

Did you know that your clothing styles speak so much about you? If not, you must surely buy What Artists Wear by Charlie Porter, and he does not fail to surprise you with every single page you turn.

Porter has got it all covered right from Levi jeans to Armani Suits. He gets into the depth of the lives of exceptional men and what they showcased through their dressing sense. This book could be your heaven if you are a fashion and art lover.

It isn’t easy to find someone who can relate to an artist rather than the artist itself, and this book could be the friend you want. Charlie Porter’s fashion columns have always been an attractive spot that most fashion artists explore.

Now, with the book, it makes the experience even better. This book inspires you to push your boundaries and create something that no one could have visualized. Unlike other fashion and art lovers, Porter does not focus on the clothes or what the people found comfortable but rather on the personalities.

The art in itself expresses out too many details than you could have found through any other medium. It takes a true artist to know what a picture tries to tell, and this book will help you know who you indeed are.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in all three forms – Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover
  • Value for Money
  • Free Delivery
  • Great flow and easy to understand
  • Suitable for Young Adults as well as professional Artists
  • Returnable


  • It takes 3-4 days for shipping


The long days of the lockdown did seem to put us down and take away our creativity. Nevertheless, these art books have the right amount of inspiration and push that you desire to get back to work. You can also check our article on the best art scanner.

I hope you found the article helped you find the spirit of art you desired. Make sure to go through every art book mentioned before choosing the one for you. Also, let me know which one is your favorite.

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